T1 Price Quotes - Finding Carrier Pricing

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T1 Price Quotes - Finding Carrier Pricing
A critical question that confronts any business or organization owner is what to do when it comes to Internet connectivity. There is an immense range of technology when it comes to communications and choosing the right one is imperative for many reasons. Wrong technology can see you losing out on market share to your competition extremely quickly. This is because today definitely is the information age and any delay in getting back your customers or even a small thing like the long time that your website takes to load can see you losing customers extremely quickly.

Therefore, going about finding the right kind of technology and the right kind of telecom carrier or service provider is pretty critical for your business. 

Location specific services

When it comes to locating a telecom carrier who can meet your requirements from a T1 connection, it will boil down to your location. You can be a residential owner or a business owner but you can find out whether a T1 line is available in your location by logging onto the website of the service provider and entering details pertaining to your address. You can get a price quote from multiple service providers telling you about the availability of T1 lines and how much they are going to cost. Today, with the massive advancements that this technology has gone through, a T1 line is available almost everywhere.

 How are T1 line services delivered?

When you get T1 price quotes from telecom carriers, they would have factored in the distance of your location from the nearest telecom “office”. T1 lines are deployed through copper pair lines and these are pretty common. But, if you live in a place or work from a place which does not have telephone connectivity for now, then this distance will be factored in into the carrier pricing. Carrier pricing will also take care of the phone jack such as RJ-45 or RJ-48 that will need to be installed for your T1 service to be deployed.

Online tools

You can also log onto the website of the service provider and find out exactly how much T1 price quotes from a particular carrier will cost you. Depending on the website that you log into, you will need to give details such as
  • Current technology or connection that you use
  • The technology or connection that you are looking out for
  • Other services that you need from a service provider
  • Whether you have legacy Internet connectivity or existing infrastructure
  • Your location and
  • Your contact details so the service provider or telecom carrier can revert you

Online quote samples

Quite a few telecom carriers or service providers also have a very helpful quote sample on their website itself. Looking through such samples will give you an idea of the kind of services that they provide which can range from fractional T1, bonded T1, Metro Ethernet to integrated T1 and so on. They will also be able to give you monthly costs, inclusion of equipment charges and whether they give you any rebates of any kind. Such online quote samples will also be able to give you annual fees and how much you can save by choosing a per annum payment rather than per month payment.


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