The Best Rugged Phone - The JCB Pro-Smart Vs. The Samsung Galaxy Extreme S5690

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The Best Rugged Phone - The JCB Pro-Smart Vs. The Samsung Galaxy Extreme S5690
Everybody deserves a smart phone. But the problem is that for a certain kind of person, a smart phone just isn't practical. They're great for staying in contact, but smart phones are fragile creatures, and they just don't withstand being dropped, hit or otherwise battered around, particularly the ones with glass like touch screens. If you're the kind of person that prefers rock climbing to shopping, or caving to playing tennis, then a smart phone probably isn't a smart option for you. Which is why some manufacturers design special tough phones. Tough phones are designed to withstand the rigours of outdoor life, or even work on a building site, without cracking or denting or breaking. Today we're looking at two great models, the JCB Pro-Smart and the Samsung Galaxy Extreme S5690. They're both extra rugged, and should be able to survive anything that you throw at them. But which is better? Read on to find out how these two devices match up and which one gets our seal of recommendation...

The Samsung Galaxy Extreme S5690 and What it Offers...

 Samsung Galaxy Extreme S5690

The Samsung is basically a ruggedized version of the regular Samsung Galaxy S II. As such, it's a pretty fully functioning smart phone for a survival phone, with all the normal features that you'd expect to see, such as full Internet capabilities and even games. It has the full range of Google Mobile Services, including pro Google Maps with Google Latitude, which might come in handy if you're prone to getting lost. The display is scratch resistant and reinforced, as is the body of the phone which is covered in a special high impact casing. The phone has a camera, a 3 MP auto focus device that has a full LED flash that doubles as a flashlight. The Samsung is IP67 compliant, meaning it's dust proof and waterproof up to one metre for thirty minutes. It will set you back around £189.

What the JCB Pro-Smart Can Do...

The Pro-Smart is probably the world's first mass market Android tough phone, and it's a good one. It runs an Android 2.3 operating system, and has an 800 MHz processor, making it fast for this style of phone. It's also IP67 tested, so it's dust proof and waterproof up to a depth of one metre for thirty minutes. The JCB has a massive 5 MP camera, plus a front facing camera too. It has Micro SD storage up to 32 GB, so there's plenty of space for photos and extra map apps. It's 3.2 inch screen is made from Gorilla Glass, and is scratch resistant and shatter proof. By far the most impressive thing about the Pro-Smart is its battery life. It gets around nine hours of talk time and a massive 360 hours of standby time per battery charge cycle. A Pro-Smart will set you back a little over £250.

Which Do You Recommend?
For our money the JCB Pro-Smart is just a little more rugged, plus it has a better camera and screen material, so that's the one that we're going for.


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