The Best Survival Phone - The JCB Motorola Defy+ Vs. The Land Rover S2

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The Best Survival Phone - The JCB Motorola Defy+ Vs. The Land Rover S2
If you're the kind of guy (or girl) that likes rock climbing, caving and mountaineering, then you might find that a smart phone isn't for you. Traditional smart phones are delicate, with fragile touch screens, and they just can't withstand the rigours of outdoor life. This is why some manufacturers have specifically designed tough phones, which are robust and strong. Today we're looking at two such devices, the JCB Motorola Defy+ and the Land Rover S2. They're both specially designed to be survival phones, but which is the better buy? We took a closer look at these two phones to see how they compare and what their differences are. So, if you're in the market for a tough phone, then keep reading to find out how these two models match up and which one gets our seal of recommendation...

What the JCB Motorola Defy+ Can Do...

 JCB Motorola Defy+

The JCB is definitely a hardy phone. It has a specially designed skin that is a shock absorber, and the 3.7 inch screen is Gorilla Glass, meaning that it's scratch resistant and impact resistant too. It has a full soft touch keyboard, making it easy to use even whilst wearing gloves. The JCB runs an Android operating system, and comes with the Android HTML Webkit for internet browsing and Adobe Flash, as well as the Android Media Player and a built in FM radio. It has a built in 5 MP camera with digital zoom, and a video camera too. And you can store those pictures on 2 GB of internal memory, or add a 2 GB micro SD card for external memory. It has an eCompass and assisted GPS with Google Maps, meaning you can pin point your location faster than with regular GPS. Plus, an exclusive JCB app has six tools, including a theodolite, spirit level and torch. The JCB will cost you around £250.

What the Land Rover S2 Has to Offer...

Land Rover S2

But the Land Rover has some pretty sweet features too. It is IP68 certified, meaning that it's dust proof, impact proof, and water proof up to a depth of two metres for an hour. Plus, it has military 810G Spec, meaning it's certified against shock and fog, humidity and sand damage. The display is Corning Gorilla Glass, and is certified against extreme shock and is scratch resistant too. It has a rugged 2 MP camera, with video, and an extra bright LED flash that doubles as a flashlight. It has a web browser and a JAVA application manager. And of course, it has assisted GPS, so you can pin point your location within seconds. The battery life on the Land Rover is pretty stunning. You get a full twenty two hours of talk time and 1500 hours of standby time per battery charge cycle. The Land Rover S2 will set you back around three hundred pounds.

Which is Better?

Our money goes to the Land Rover S2, it's just that bit more rugged, and the battery life is amazing. It's exactly what we're looking for in a survival phone.


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