The End Of A Pioneer - The Motorola Motosmart Vs. The HTC One XL

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Comparing The Motorola Motosmart and The HTC One XL
Motorola was a pioneer in the early days of cell phones. They invented both the flip phone and the clam phone, both of which were standard models for a few years for most companies. However, technological tides change quickly, and with the advent of the smart phone, new companies began to steal market share from older firms such as Motorola or Nokia. HTC is now renowned for producing solid, sleek and reliable phones loaded with great features. They might not have been pioneers, but they definitely have what it takes to compete with any other mobile manufacturer out there. But can Motorola hold up? Will the Motorola Motosmart hold it's own when compared against the HTC One XL? It seems that Motorola's days as a phone manufacturer are really numbered, they haven't produced anything noteworthy since the RAZR series, and their popularity just keeps slipping. We took HTC's One XL and compared it to the Motorola Motosmart, to see just what HTC are doing better than Motorola. And to find out if Motorola can still compete...

The HTC One XL is the One to Beat...

Difference Between Motorola Motosmart and HTC One XL
First up, the HTC is by far the faster phone. It runs double the RAM of the Motorola, making it more responsive and better able to handle multi-tasking and running more than one process simultaneously. It also has three times faster maximum data transfer speeds, which means quicker downloads and faster opening of web pages. The screen is where the HTC really shows off its superiority though. The display is much bigger than the Motorola's, measuring in at 4.7 inches rather than just 3.5 inches on the Motosmart. But it also has six times higher resolution and ninety per cent more PPI (pixels per inch). This means a truly noticeable difference in brightness, clarity and sharpness that makes the display on the HTC tons better. Not to mention that the camera is also better, being an 8 MP cam as opposed to the 3 MP on the Motosmart, making for better quality and more detailed photos. Finally, and this really seals the deal for us, there is an absolutely huge difference in internal storage. The HTC One XL comes with 32 GB of internal memory, the Motorola Motosmart with just 168 MB. Yes, you read that correctly. Why Motorola thought that a smart phone could possibly function well with such a small amount of memory is anyone's guess. But for you, this means that the HTC can store a whopping one hundred and ninety five times more music, videos, games and photos. A pretty good deal, all around.

Can the Motorola Motosmart Do Anything?

Well, it's lighter at 115 g as compared to 130 g. That's it. And we'd like to point out again that the massive lack of internal memory on this phone is an absolute disgrace. Not what we expect from a cell phone at all.

The Fall of Motorola...

It really is time for Motorola to hang up their hat; they're clearly unable to produce anything that can hold up to the majority of today's cell phones. The HTC One XL is the clear winner in this competition, as it should be. And seriously, 168 MB of memory? That's pathetic.


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