The Internet: Luxury Or Necessity?

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Importance of Internet

The Internet: Luxury Or Necessity?
Just over a decade ago, the internet was seen by the general public as a fad or something in which only ‘computer geeks’ would have any interest. People showed a little interest but the internet seemed far from becoming anything of popularity.

These days, almost every adult and many children hold devices in their hands that are far powerful than anyone could ever have imagined back then and the internet is a roaring success. But has this technology, once considered a luxury, become so ingrained in everyday life that it can be considered something of an essential?

Is the Internet Now a Necessity?

In late January 2013, a court in Germany made the decision that a man whose internet access was disrupted could claim compensation from the provider as under German law the loss of essentials can be claimed in compensation – thus indicating that the internet is, at least in some countries, considered an essential part of life.

It is possible to live without the internet, of course it is and many people do so but the internet provides so many different services that could be considered to be vitally important for everyday life. While the internet is not considered perhaps as key to life as food, water, safety, warmth and light; it is considered a disadvantage if you do not have access to a device that connects to the internet.

Why is the Internet so Important?

For some people, the internet is an important way to communicate with others where face to face contact may be problematic for various reasons whether social or physical. It can be a lifeline for those with disabilities or those with the need for flexible working hours so they can work from home while caring for a relative. The internet is a vital part of working life for many people.

Why is the Internet so Important?
The internet is not only a useful tool for work and communication but it can also provide a wealth of entertainment from online services and with products such as Visopix Google tvs not only can a plethora of television channels be accessed but the internet can be accessible through the TV set.

The internet is where we do our shopping, research goods before we buy them, apply for jobs, switch service providers and many many other activities. So perhaps the internet is becoming more essential than ever and perhaps there will be further rulings on matters concerning drop in coverage in the future. If so, what does this mean for internet service providers all over the world and what laws will be put in place to protect both the companies and the consumers?

This ruling raises some interesting questions and there is sure to be much debate on the subject in the future for both service providers and consumers.


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