The Most Helpful Apps For PR Professionals

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The Most Helpful Apps For PR Professionals

Useful Apps to increase Page Rank

Public Relations are one of the most technically advanced industries with the internet and social media playing a huge part. Public relations can be a demanding industry to work in so every little helping hand available the PR professional should take. What a lot of PR professionals don’t do is take advantage of the wonderful piece of technology that is the smart phone. There are lots of helpful apps the technologically advanced Pr professionals (particularly those in technology PR) couldn’t live without and you should take advantage too.

Social Media Apps for Page Rank

Social media plays a big part in PR. You can take your social media accounts with you where ever you go and they work just as well as the actual sites-
  • Facebook app- Log into any account including your clients and update, message and like pages.
  • Twitter- Again you can log into any account and tweet to your heart’s desire no matter where you are.
  • Instagram- Instagram is primarily a smart phone app, if you manage the PR for a company you should definitely consider setting up a company account.
  • Linkedin- This app is used for more personal reasons. Download the Linkedin app and connect with other Pr professionals on the go.

News Apps for Page Rank

As a PR professional you should always be up to date with current affairs and news worthy stories. Here are the apps to keep you up to date-
  • Insapaper- Many of us find great articles and posts we want to read but just don’t have the time. Insapaper lets you save anything you can’t read then and there to look at later.
  • Flipboard- A digital news magazine, this app updates constantly with current news. You can link it to your social media accounts too and share anything you want.
  • Pulse- Pulse brings together all your favourite news stories, blogs and posts for easy access any time.

Organization Apps for Page Rank

I image you have a lot on your plate nearly all the time, and it can be difficult to stay on top of everything, any PR professional should take advantage of apps that help you stay organised-
  • Dropbox- This handy little piece of technology allows you to access all your files from both your work and personal computer on the go. No need to email files in advance with Dropbox.
  • Clear- Clear is a lovely simple to do list that makes everything, well, clear! Keep your mind clear and stay on top of everything using this list.
This is a list of the best, which I personally find useful. No matter which area of PR you work in, whether it’s Technology PR of Fashion PR these apps will make your job an awful lot easier. You will find you are more productive and always on top of your game. 


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