The Secret Of Writing Great Content - Content Marketing Guide

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We all know the famous statement: Content is the king. However, many people don't use all the benefits of content marketing. In this article, i will give you a few tips about how to write a great and shareable content which can boost your rankings very fast. This is all based on my trials and errors with content marketing for

Also, we all want to create a website that makes money, right? But somehow, people don't comprehend the importance of having a great content on the website. If you don't have an interesting content, nobody will visit your website again. There are a plenty of good ideas to make money online, but neither one will be successful without a proper content marketing. Even if you just want to make extra cash online, you need to implement these tips about content marketing strategy, because content marketing should be a bloodstream of your online marketing strategy.

Research your market but first research your content

You need to brainstorm about your topic and research for the quality sources for more information. Poorly researched content or grammar and spelling errors will turn off most of the visitors.

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When you start to receive more visitors on a daily basis, you should observe what they are doing on your website. What pages are the most popular, and why? What pages are the least popular and how can you improve it. Take a closer look into your Google analytics account to get a better understanding of your visitors.  Don't forget to write for the people, not for the Google spiders. Internet is full of a junk content . You don't need to be one of them.

Don't underestimate the so called "power of the lists"

People love the lists. Top 10 of this or 5 easy ways to do that...these are just examples of "lists" articles. You should focus on it and make at least one "top 10 of..." list per month for your blog.

What about comment section?

Your job is not done when you publish your article. In fact, it just begins. Be conversational, because conversation in a comment section is a two way street. You can feel the pulse of your loyal readers, answer to their additional questions, etc. This way you will engage your readers even more.

Read comments for your blog posts on a daily basis. Interact as much as you can. This is a surefire way to increase the number of readers and build your online reputation faster.

Quality over quantity

Instead of being a hyper productive writer, hoping that will be the way to make some quick cash online through your website, you need to focus on creating great, not average content. You will gain a few extra backlinks with average content, but you can't expect your poor content will be shared on the social networks. Therefore,  you need to think about your title, subtitles and content quality.

Plan ahead

The Secret Of Writing Great Content- Content Marketing Guide

Like I said, you need to write great content which is shareable. You need to plan ahead about your possible topics. Research for the few similar blogs. What are their topics? Which blog post has the greatest number of comments? Examine that subniche and find quality resources to write great content on a similar topic.

These would be just five great tips about content marketing based on my own experience. You can share with us your additional tips for content marketing techniques. 


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