Top 5 Things Not To Do While Interacting On Twitter

Posted by Bhavesh Joshi On Monday, February 18, 2013 0 comments
Top 5 Things Not To Do While Interacting On Twitter
People are rapidly grasping the value in building online relationships and networking with like-minded peers. Twitter is now the marketing platform of choice. Rather than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on advertising, corporations are getting more brand exposure for a fraction of the cost using online social media marketing. More importantly, their customers expect them to be there. Nevertheless, using Twitter also puts everyone on a level playing field. Just because a company has a marketing budget which includes a few more zeros than yours, social media can just as easily go horribly wrong for both of you if not done properly.

Here are 5 things that you should not do while interacting with people on Twitter are -

1. Spamming and Exploitation

This is the number one reason why Twitter campaigns fail. You probably associate spamming with junk email, but a fine line exists in Twitter between being deliberately exploitive and spamming. In one case, you can expect every friend and follower to dump you; in the other, you will have your Twitter accounts banned. Both will happen without warning, and before you have a clue what is happening.

2. Look What I Can Do For You

How great you are, or how helpful your services might be doesn't matter; no-one wants to constantly hear, "Look at ME," "I am so cool," or "Look what I can do for you."

You know doing this in an offline setting is annoying and rude. So unless you want your online marketing to be the equivalent of spending a day in a bunny suit with a sandwich board walking up and down the street advertising your services, don't commit the same sin online with constant tweets about how cool your services are.

3. Going Too Big Too Fast

You can systematically sift through Twitter Search alphabetically, follow everyone you can and then unfollow anyone who doesn't follow you back. However, at the end of the day, you will have a few hundred more friends and a hundred more followers. That's it. You can watch the numbers piling higher but you won't be making headway with your marketing.

Unfortunately, this is using Twitter as a massive advertising platform, and one of the quickest ways to distance yourself from your core tribe. Ironically, quickly gaining a massive following often translates into fewer transactions and less income.

4. Not Building Relationships

It's good to have yourself engaged in your tribe by offering great content that is helpful and targeted. But this is only a part of the picture. Miss the big picture, and you are only wasting your time. Even worse, you may be ostracized; becoming a social media pariah not worth listening to, actively ignored and even publicly called out.

What follows are a few examples of bad behavior, which can easily lead to you walking the social media plank:

• insulting your members for belonging to a competitor's tribe

• not passing on important information just because it comes from a competitor

• not Re-Tweeting a helpful page on a competitor's site because you feel threatened by it, or feel that you may lose your tribe members when they see it

• sharing elements of a competitor's post, only to tear it apart and gain a temporary upper hand

• refusing to link to anyone else in your niche

• refusing to mention anyone else in your niche

5. Being Unprofessional

Top Five Things Not To Do While Interacting On TwitterYour Twitter account is not your personal diary. It is not a place to vent your frustration with the world or forge a revolution against society's rules. It is a public space and everything that goes online, stays online, forever. The throwaway comment you made online about your competitor back in '08 is still online today.


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