Top Four Best Smartphone Operating Systems

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Top Four Best Smartphone Operating Systems
Within the competitive mobile market, top developers vie for market share through cutting-edge OS technology. With exponential growth from Microsoft, increased market leadership from Google Android, new focus for Blackberry and innovation from Apple, the smartphone scene is set to come alight in a battle to win consumer loyalty. Which is the best smartphone is largely determined by the operating system and here we look at them all.

Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Windows OS for Smartphone

Ever the innovator, Microsoft overhauled its mobile OS to better compete in the smartphone marketplace. Typical PC-based Microsoft features such as Office, Excel, OneNote and Outlook provide familiarity to a seamless route for fast integration on all MS-Windows phones. Navigation is now simple and fluid, integrating Xbox games, photo and contact pins as well as music, videos and apps in an easy-to-navigate tiled format. Although still lagging behind Apple on market share, Microsoft is making strong headway with its latest mobile OS.

Google Android
Google Android OS for Smartphone

Commanding over 60 percent of the smartphone market, the Android operating system’s popularity has attained new heights. Analysis from the International Data Center further indicates that with Google’s visibility and partnerships with brand leaders such as Samsung, the Android OS will remain in the number one spot for some time to come. An open-source operating system with easy widget integration, mobile hotspot technology and a wealth of accessible apps give Google Android the edge in the dynamic world of mobile communication.

Research in Motion Blackberry
Blackberry OS for SmartphoneLosing out to Microsoft’s phenomenal growth over the year in the mobile market, shipments for Blackberry have declined by approximately 40 percent, according to the IDC. In response, RIM's development team is focusing on detail, convenience and speed. Razor-sharp graphics, super-fast browser connectivity and the all-important mobile hotspot feature provide the impetus that may well relaunch the Blackberry operating system as a contender over the coming year.

Apple iOS
Despite being a closed-source operating system, Apple provides access to the highest number of integrated apps of all mobile OS developers. Sharing their technology with external app creators has led to this success through the provision of app-development tools specifically for the Apple iOS. Security is a high priority with built-in software, hardware and firmware initiatives to safeguard against malware and data hacking, including email encryption and pass-code protection features.

Apple iOS for Smartphone
Whatever leading OS you choose, whether Android, Windows, RIM or Apple, you can be sure that new advancements and updates will be offered for your brand. With development teams constantly working on new features to further enhance usability, consumers have the advantage in this highly competitive market for years to come.


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