Top Tips For Speeding Up Your Computer

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Top Tips For Speeding Up Your Computer
Sometimes it can be tricky to know exactly how to speed up your computer’s performance. Looking for help on the internet often leads you down a path of buying the latest OS from Microsoft, or buying a new computer altogether. But for most people who just want to use their old PC without waiting years for a tab to open or file to save, there are great ways of making sure that your processor runs like new. Here are some of the steps to follow for your slow computer issues. So, tired of your sluggish PC? Take these top tips to help speed it up! 

The Quick Checklist

When you’ve been using a computer for a while it’s easy to get into bad habits and become complacent about the things you should be doing to take care of your system. One of the simplest things you should check first is how much free space there is on the system. Check the C: drive properties menu, and see if you’re running with low free space. This can severely limit the speed of your computer. The less free space you have the more likely files are to become fragmented. 

Once you’ve established the lack of free space on your drive there are some simple steps to making things work better. First of all, empty your recycle bin. This caching of deleted files takes up processing power. Now take a look at your disk cleanup tool. There are lots of files stored on your computer which are only really for temporary use, such as internet files and error reports. You don’t need these, and they take up considerable space. Disk cleanup will show you what you can safely delete, and get rid of a lot of clutter automatically.

For cluttered computers the disk defragmenting tool is also a great help. This will streamline the way in which files are stored, allowed you to reach files easier and making the processor work faster in general. Run this tool whenever you’ve installed a lot of data, and give it regular weekly checks for optimum speed.

The Malware Problem

Tips For Speeding Up Your Computer
Another big source of annoyance and computer slow-down is the abundance of malware on the web. You don’t have to be trawling the web for hours to pick up unwanted applications which make demands on your processor and may cause harm to your system. Get some good anti-spyware tools – different company’s tools work for different spyware – and run them on your system. But make sure not to have these running constantly, as they too will slow down your computer.

The chances are that you won’t have access to a comprehensive IT support service for your home computer, so take heed of these few simple tips and you should help prolong the life of your computer, as well as helping to improve its performance.


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