Which Came First - Smartphones Or Our Modern Fast-Paced Lifestyle?

Posted by Bhavesh Joshi On Monday, February 11, 2013 0 comments
Which Came First - Smartphones Or Our Modern Fast-Paced Lifestyle?
Ok, so pretty much everywhere you go these days people can be seen talking on the telephone. Out to lunch with friends, on the train, while out shopping and at the school gates while picking up their children. People just cannot seem to be able to manage without their trusty handset, but why?

Just 20 years ago mobile phones were only owned by rich people. They were a luxury item, large and cumbersome. Most people never imagined owning one themselves and some people just didn’t really see the point to them; after all, they could visit friends, call on the landline or even write a letter if they wanted to stay in touch.

Making the mobile phone affordable for more people and the improvements in technology that make communication so much easier means that they now appeal to a wide range of people.

Times Have Changed
But do they really need the handset. The simple answer is no. they do not NEED the handset, however, the mobile phone has made life so much easier. And it is not just technology that has evolved, people’s lives have become busier too, so by finding ways to making communication sleeker and more efficient just helps to cut down on the amount of time spent at work or doing jobs. It makes multitasking so much better.

If you take mobile internet out of the equation, the mobile phone is still a really useful tool to have. You can contact friends and loved ones all over the work in an instant through voice calls and text messages and it is possible to get an instant response. Ti can be a god-send during emergency situations where a landline is not readily available and so a mobile phone offers complete peace of mind.

Internet Everywhere
Modern Fast-Paced Lifestyle
Putting the mobile internet back in to the equation and it opens up a whole wealth of possibilities. Corporate users can update their schedules while out of the office so other staff members can know when to expect you in certain places which help to make the business operation run smoothly. You can be running late for an appointment, yet still have time to check your bank account, check the traffic reports and even check public transport timetables so you can be forewarned of any problems before they arise. Going on holiday? Check flights have not been delayed quickly and easily, while out shopping for holiday clothes you can check the weather in your chosen destination of the upcoming few weeks so that you buy wisely. Had a bad day at work? You can call or text a friend on the way home to see if they want to meet for coffee to cheer you up.

By staying connected you can stay informed and life becomes so much easier. And while no, a mobile phone is not a necessity, and everyone can easily live without one, having one has now become so much more than a status symbol that many people panic when they realise they have left their phones at home. They have become such a big part of life that trying to imagine a day without the use of the mobile phone in some form or other just doesn’t seem right.


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