Which Smart TV Should You Buy in 2018

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Which Smart TV Should You Buy in 2013
Ever dreamed ofSkyping” with your friends and family, browsing the web and playing your favorite games right from your TV screen without using any additional pieces of equipment? With the next generation of televisions taggedsmart TVsyour dream is a possibility. Smart TV is a hybrid version of a regular TV and an internet enabled PC allowing you to use internet based services like video calling, online video streaming, playing games and using apps and browsing the web in addition to watching TV. It is speculated that smart TVs would soon replace regular TVs the way smartphones replaced regular mobile phones in an era where internet based services have a major impact on the lives of the people. The following is a short review on top 5 smart TVs of 2018 available on the market today.

Smart TVs come with a plethora of features, most if not all dependent of the internet. Access route to the internet could either be an Ethernet cable or a wireless network established at home, and the process is pretty much similar to connecting a Laptop to internet. Browsing the web, Playing videos on video sharing sites like YouTube, navigating through social media websites like Facebook and Google plus are inviting and effortless once you are connected to the world wide web. Another cool feature accessible through internet is the Video On Demand (VOD) feature which allows you to stream your favorite TV shows, Musical programs or Games at your ease. Most of the smart TVs can even stream content stored in computers and smartphones without requiring a direct connection to the device using a technology called DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance). So,

The Top Five Smart TVs of 2018 are -


Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV
Samsung is a next generation smart TV boasting a massive 55 inch LED display with a pixel count of 1920 by 1080 and 800 Hz of Clear Motion Index. This premium smart TV is equipped with 3 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports, Dolby Digital Plus 3D surround sounds and a built in camera for video chatting. Skype is available out of the box, and in order to enrich your user experience Samsung has incorporated an advanced facial recognition system in to the camera compartment. Apart from Skype, Samsung Apps, Web Browser, Smart Hub have been integrated into the system to making this iconic smart TV a real winner.

LG Smart TV

LG 47LM860V Smart TV
Redefining the limits of designing architecture, LG houses this premium TV packing a massive 47 inch LED display in an elegant, slim and sleek body that looks lustrous and premium. Resolution boasts up to 1920 by 1080 pixels with a motion clarity index of 800Hz backed by the Cinema 3D label. Equipped with advanced options to control 3D simulation engines such as 3D depth, viewpoint, sound and zooming controls, this iconic television takes the television viewing experience to the next level. Massive collection of web based apps allows you to make the most out of your smart TV, from accessing TV services like BBC iPlayer, streaming VODs through Love Film to integrating with your favorite social networks. 

Sony Smart TV

Sony KDL-46HX853 Smart TV
Packing a 46 inch display boasting a resolution of 1920 by 1080 supporting Full HD video playback Sony introduces a flagship product at a competitive price tag to go head to head with the rivals. Sony incorporates a plethora of features including Full HD 3D, 24p True Cinema, Intelligent MPEG Noise Reduction engine and Live Color drivers inside this premium design. Integrated Opera Web Browser, built in Skype App and synchronized Sony Entertainment Network vow to make your life even better with this cool smart gadget. You can stream full screen movies, games, applications and videos on demand and even connect with your loved ones via social networks or stream snapshots and videos of your last trip from your smartphone or tablet PC to the high contrast TV display using the built in Wi-Fi.

Panasonic Smart TV

Panasonic TX-P50VT50B Smart TV
Panasonic glues a Full HD display extending up to 50 inches inside a sleek, lustrous metallic frame introducing their version into the smart TV playground. BBC iPlayer, Skype apps and regular smart TV goodies are stacked out of the box. You can connect with your friends on your favorite social networks, stream videos from services like Netflix, YouTube or browse VIERA Connect contents using the built in web browser. Panasonic provides you with a lot of connectivity options gluing 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports and an SD card slot.

Toshiba Smart TV

Toshiba 47WL968 Smart TV
Going head to head with the rivals Toshiba aims to claim the throne of the smart TV arena with this beast packing a 47 inch LED display coated with a 3D passive panel, in a lustrous design with an astonishingly thin bezel. Built in advanced noise reduction engines and 3D color management technologies create vivid pictures of unmatched clarity on this advanced screen. Toshiba Places, Skype App, and Open web browser provides you with lots of entertainment features to explore, at the comfort of your sofa. If you are in a quest to buy the ideal smart TV for you, this iconic TV engineered by Toshiba should definitely be in your top 5 list.


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