HTML Validation Of Your Blog Site : How To Guide

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 HTML Validation Of Your Blog Site : How To Guide
Validation is simply ensuring that your blog site has HTML that is error free. In this HTML validation of your Blog Site : How to guide, we shall look into the various aspects of validation and why it is such an important issue.

W3C and Validation

The World Wide Web Consortium ( formulates rules that govern HTML coding. The site also provides all the tools you will need to validate your blog site. Apart from the W3C, there are other applications and sites that can check your code either online or on your computer. The parameters used, however, are those defined by the W3C.

What Validation Does not Guarantee

Making your blog site code error free does not guarantee that it will be rendered perfectly on all browsers. That requires a cross-browser check: a trial and error method to determine what format of code is rendered in the desired manner by all or most browsers.

Why Validate?

Modern browsers are equipped with the capacity to 'guess' the best possible solution to a missing piece of markup. Most of the time you can get away with invalid code. This raises questions regarding the necessity of validation. It is fine for coders to make their work flawless, but for the average webmaster with a blog site, how does it matter? Visitors can see the web page just fine!

Actually, browsers mostly do not agree with each other while taking their 'best guesses'. An invalid markup can be rendered in any number of ways depending upon what browser your visitors are using. An error in an HTML form, for example, could cause your blog's squeeze page to stretch horizontally so that the form is not visible without scrolling. Less extreme possibilities include unexpected line breaks and text decorations.

Apart from this, when a blog site has too many errors, the browser's 'guessing time' translates to extra loading time for the site, and nothing drives away visitors more than a web page that takes forever to load. Even the server is burdened with repeated queries as the browser tries to figure out a way to render the page.

Another disastrous effect is that search engines, who are less forgiving than browsers, might give up on the guessing game and stop indexing your pages altogether. Invalid markup does not create a good impression upon anyone, be it a search-bot or those among your visitors checking out your source code.

Case Study: HTML Validation of Your Blog Site on Wordpress

W3C and Validation Wordpress uses PHP to render web pages on the fly. In other words, what you see by viewing the source code in browser is not really there in that exact form. You will need to access the theme editor through the dashboard if you want to validate anything. There will be a number of files available in that area, and you will need to copy the code from each and paste it into the W3C validation tool. The tool also supports upload of files (web pages) and url detection.

Errors, if any, will be highlighted in the report that you receive. Problem is, when you see a certain number of errors mentioned, 13, for example, there may be only 3 or 4. This happens because 'nested' code is also included in the error count. This problem goes away once you correct the codes. Frequently, however, you will find an error indicated in a line which is perfectly coded. The trick is to 'look before and after' - the previous line could have a closing tag missing. Understanding the validating tool's behavior makes correcting errors a less daunting task.

You could resort to other sites for an alternate perspective on the problems. The WDG HTML Validator, for example, refers to its own pool of resources so that explanations regarding errors are a little different from the W3C's. You could also use an add-on or an extension in case you are using Firefox or Chrome, respectively, to check your site's pages as you are visiting them. This is a little more user friendly, and should provide you with further insights when you deal with the theme editor.

All reputed themes have expert coding and should contain very little error. If you take the time to study basic HTML and use more than one validation tool, HTML validation of your blog site should not be too different from proofreading your own posts.


Should You Change Your Network?

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Should You Change Your Network?
There comes a point where most mobile phone owners consider moving to a different network. Thanks to the industry developing very quickly there are new deals and tariffs coming out all the time there are many reasons to consider changing your provider. It is a good thing to have so many deals to choose from and it is a customer’s market. If you find a better deal with one provider then your existing network might even offer to match it, so you are in a good negotiating position. What are the benefits of switching networks? Here we discuss the pros and cons of switching networks to get a better phone deal.

Do Your Research

It is a good idea to read a few reviews on the various networks. Some people may be happy with features such as the customer service while others may not and it can help to give a balanced view, although it should be remembered that everyone has a different experience with their mobile phone company.

Shop Around

When your contract is up for renewal, shop around to see what the deals are at the moment. There may be incentives for new customers such as a half price contract for several months or additional free texts and minutes. Handsets are often available free of charge or at a much lower rate than if you were to simply go out and buy it. Research is essential and the internet can tell you more or less everything that you need to know from reviews on the handsets to the details of all the deals that are around.

Who Do You Call?

Before changing your network you should check to see if your friends are on the same network. If you are on different networks you could all end up paying more to make calls to each other as these might not be included in your allowance of free minutes.

Contract Length

Make sure too that you are not in the middle of an existing contract as you could end up paying more to your existing provider if they do allow you to switch. Always opt for a shorter contract length if you believe that you will want to switch at some point. You do not save anything by leaving your contract early as the contract costs will still need to be met.

The Switching Process

The actual process of switching your network is fairly easy. You simply speak to the new network and they will deal with it for you if you want to keep your existing number. If you are not bothered about keeping the number you just cancel your existing contract and start a new one with a new SIM and phone.

Think Carefully

Do not simply change because the provider is offering the latest handset. If that handset has top features such as music player that you will not use and a camera that will only get used once in a blue moon then it might not be the right one for you.

Should Switch Your Network?
If a phone comes with 100 free minutes and 1000 free texts each month this is only a good deal for you if you are going to use them. This is not the best option for someone who rarely sends a text message.

Make sure the deal you get is the deal you need before you switch provider.


Talk to your current network when you find a deal that appeal to you because they might beat it in their eagerness to keep you as a customer.


Animation is rolling into deep

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2d Animation
Nowadays animation along with the three dimensional technology is the latest trend which has grown rapidly everywhere. 3d animation is situated almost everywhere.  This technology is used in various fields like in cellular phones, games, music, building structures, cartoons and movies. The modeling and rendering of the animation elements has benefited with large amounts from the virtualization of various 3d structures. However the three dimensional world has made a lot of changes. It can be described as a magic or a tool for adventure. Even some say that it is an entertainment tool. However it can be described as a scientific procedure for creating structures and images along with a good planning.

The 3d animation has gathered publicity in several methods and techniques and thus is trying to make its definition simple and clear. Live action and 2d animation technique are the two particular film making techniques for creating the act of producing 3d computer generated imagery (CGI). There are some differences for creating a CGI process and a traditional animation but they are although the same. 

The process of 2d animation is established well as compared to the 3d animation which is still in the stage of processing. The nature and style of the show of computer generated imagery is dependent on the utilizing and overall details of the process of creation of the 3d animation. The possibility of the basic outline structure of the creation of 3d animation method is applicable. In the prospect of computer generated imagery procedure, hand drawn animated structures are created in the computer monitors in the process of development of a three dimensional surrounding and setting. The special designed sets are also mad along with proper coloring and lighting and can be made just like making a shooting set for a live-action movie. 

3d animation is almost similar to the creation of live-action movies in the fields of hook-ups and cinematography, blockage of actor’s navigations and conceptualizations of areas in the case of creating the whole process. This type of animation imitates the model of 2d animation in the case of changing ideas from the initial stage to the main screen. The designers and animators are the chief hand behind the whole process of 3d animation. They create a series of steps for creating the process in correct order. Therefore they do it accordingly for creating the picture perfect animation.

3d Animation
The steps ensure them to define the process clearly. However the steps are model-building, designing, lighting, animations effects, color of the surface, and the texture, touch up work, rendering, rigging and staging and last but not the least, the film or video output. The experience is however helpful as in assisting a production of a project of a feature film by both the structural aspects of entertainment due to the high quality of creating the animation process. 3D animation studio India opts in production, designing and creation of e-learning, education and interactive gaming, architectural walkthroughs, 3d Mechanical animation, 3d Medical animation, cartoon series and visual effects in movies, television, commercials.

Hire a suitable company for feature rich and user friendly claims management software

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Hire a suitable company for feature rich and user friendly claims management software
You should find a suitable company to develop an intuitive and feature rich software for your insurance entity. Compare your options well to choose the right contender.

Nowadays, millions of people opt for insurance coverage for their properties, health and life. This makes insurance a profitable sector and several entrepreneurs start insurance ventures in domains like life insurance, vehicle insurance as well as home insurance. If you own such a company, you must be aware of the steep competition in the industry. To edge ahead of rivals and take on the newcomers in this segment, your company needs required level of promotion, resources and quality service. Needless to say, a lot of target customers would prefer buying insurance package and services online. Hence, your website should be delved to cater to their needs well. Apart from a well designed website replete with information, you will also need a software application for these customers.

What features should be present in insurance software

Before you hire a company to develop online software for your insurance agency, it is necessary that you know prerequisites of such applications. You need to remember that not all of your customers and website sister will be technologically savvy. Hence, the application should have minimal learning curve and techno phobic visitors should not get intimidated by its interface or usage procedure. Besides, the software interface should blend seamlessly with your company website’s look and visual styles. Most of these software have a helpful wizard based method to guide visitors who want to buy products, renew their policies or perform similar tasks online. The software should have integrated calculation capability and extensive search feature.

Think about users accessing web through mobile devices

There are a huge number of web users who no longer rely on computers to browse the web or perform any online purchase. Millions of people use tablets and Smart phones for such tasks nowadays. It helps if your website has a version for mobile browsers and OSes. However, it would be better if you can hire a company that not only develops insurance app for your company website but can also develop the same app targeted at top mobile and tablet OS platforms.

Find companies that make and sell insurance applications

Insurance Application
You can look for unities that specialize in developing customized insurance software for clients. If you need, you can look for those companies that can cater to your specific needs. For instance, if your instance firm deals with healthcare sector, you should search online for companies that have reputation for selling health insurance software. However, you will find that these entities offer claims management software for insurance firms that cater to various segments. Apart from web, you can also utilize personal contacts and workplace acquaintances to reach out to professional companies in this context.

Select the most suitable company for customized insurance application

After you find a few companies that develop and sell customized insurance management software, compare their products, price and feature wise. You can also check the tenure and expertise of these entities using various resources in web. In fact, you may find feedbacks of their clients in top social media platforms easily. 

Different Uses Of Social Media

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Different Uses Of Social Media
There are many legitimate ways through which you can use social media and with the rest of the world going digital, I think this is a perfect article for you to read to get a sneak peak to some top roles played by this relatively new invention (social media) - primarily in the world of business.


Social networking has come a pretty long way from just being an avenue for people to interact, to emerge as one of the major business tools in the vast World Wide Web. The core objective of social networking sites still remains the same - to facilitate constant interaction and communication in the cyberspace. What has significantly changed though is the way the users and especially sharp entrepreneurs are using these sites nowadays.

Unlike in the recent past when social media platforms seemed to be restricted to teenagers, today a forty year old businessman utilizes it as a valuable recruitment tool, while a seventy year old gentleman uses it to keep in touch with his old friends. Right from Twitter to Facebook and Nexopia, all these sites have many diverse merits that you should strive to tap into.

Different Uses of Social Media That You can take advantage of to take your Enterprise to the Next Level

Customer Relationship

Social media boasts a wide variety of dynamic channels that make it easy for businesses to connect with their customers whenever necessary. Through this avenue (social media), business owners can easily communicate with their clients to build stronger business ties and to establish extended customer loyalty.

On the other hand, customers can easily stay in touch with their suppliers to remain up-beat with the necessary facts available in their industry through social media. Remember, an informed customer is a satisfied customer!

For instance, Twitter is very helpful for retaining a personal touch with your clients.

Simplified Marketing and Enhanced Network-building 

This point partly borrows from the previous comment about connecting with clients. However, it is important to note that marketing and networking can take many different forms (i.e it's not just limited to connecting with clients). Social media creates an aura of favorable interactions by bringing together like-minded individuals. Take for example Linkedln which primarily exists for the purpose of creating networks within people of different professions.

Businesses can take advantage of this aspect of social media to market to their clients (in a persuasive environment) and to foster stronger B2B ties to achieve great growth milestones.

Social media for improved "search-ability"

Did you know that you can use social media to soar high on various search engine results for your chosen keywords? Well, social media and by extension social media marketing is a perfect way to draw viral traffic to your site. Google recognizes a site's importance upon analyzing its traffic flow rate. Sites with high traffic flow are normally ranked highest for relevant keyword searches.

You can fully rely on social media to turn around your online business fortunes by establishing strong SEO performance e.g by creating YouTube videos to attract traffic to your site.

Social media PR to save firm's image

Unlike other traditional forms of communication available out there in the world, social media facilitates prompt delivery of information to a targeted audience. As such, social media comes in handy in case there is need to address immediate concerns. Social media is useful for addressing events such as bad publicity and any arising concerns that may be of interest to your audience.

In case you're struggling to clean the image of your firm, you're better off rolling out a sustained social media PR campaign.

Product launch and limited offers

Social media is a perfect spring board for running test drives for new products or services. With social media, you can avoid "testing the depth of the waters with your both feet" as you can use your online fan-base to get a rough idea of the efficiency or inefficiency of your campaign infrastructure beforehand.

Social media is the most preferred avenue to roll out special offers and limited offers for maximum publicity and response.

There are many different uses of social media. In fact, what we've discussed above represents only a small proportion of the most important merits that you need to learn about. Keep visiting this page for fresh facts relevant to your needs.

What Are The Biggest Challenges Facing Retailers In 2013?

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What Are The Biggest Challenges Facing Retailers In 2013?
The retail industry has been faced with a number of pressures and challenges for many years.  These are generally most keenly felt by middle managers and those who work ‘at the coalface’ on the shop floor and at the sharp end of the supply chain. One common feature of the whole industry is that decisions that are made in boardrooms are often seen to be unrealistic, and that the objectives of those at different levels don’t seem to go hand in hand.

That said, the challenges that the sector faces are ones that have to be tackled at all levels. We explored some of retail’s biggest pressures that will be felt strongly throughout the year.

Rise of the Giants

Unless you are fortunate enough to work in a supermarket or department store, it is likely that life at work consists of fighting on a daily basis to make enough money just to stay open. The continuing rise of e-commerce as a universally popular shopping solution means that smaller businesses and even larger yet less popular chain stores are always operating in the face of uncertainty.

These businesses need to do more to revolutionise the shopping experience for their customers, as the trend towards cost savings that many have followed in recent years will soon have cut as much as it can.

Squeezed Margins

Whether it is mandatory increases in a minimum wage level or extra charges that need to be paid in order to ensure the constant delivery of products, profit margins will continue to be squeezed in ways that will drive businesses to tough decisions.

Some will choose to raise prices, however in doing so will leave themselves open to criticism around being ‘out of touch’ and not catering to individuals and families who are already struggling for money. Unfortunately, businesses will often have no choice but to take this action, or risk failing themselves.

Unpopular By Association

You can find great shops wherever you go, however if you are in a store that happens to be on a street that has a number of empty units, then you will likely see your business suffer through no fault of your own.

Unfortunately, as certain towns and cities around the world start to develop no-go areas for various reasons, this lack of footfall will inevitably lead to many retailers closing down.

There is no question that, in terms of providing continuous growth and a profitable operation, retail is one of the toughest sectors in which to succeed. However, with a thorough level of planning and an appreciation of how one can act in the face of competition, it is possible for retail success stories, rather than failures, to be the big economic news story of 2013.

Robert is an online content writer across a variety of subjects, however has a specific interest in how point of sale and other systems influence retail operations. In addition, Robert's previous work has adapted a number of seo marketing frameworks to detect the relationship between marketing, technology, and business success.