2 Symbian Smartphones from Nokia - The Astound and the N8

Posted by Bhavesh Joshi On Saturday, March 2, 2013 0 comments
Nokia Astound
While Symbian based smart phones are followers rather than leaders in the mobile phone market, they are cheap, effective, and come minus the bloat-ware and the frills – making them a great choice to have. Most Symbian OS phones are developed by Nokia, in addition to its Windows based smart phones. Read on as we explore the Nokia Astound and the Nokia N8 that both operate on the Symbian OS. This article reviews the Nokia Astound and the Nokia N8 that both operate on the Symbian OS, and discusses the pros and cons of each model.

Nokia Astound
Design wise, the Nokia Astound is large, elegant and has a lovely aluminium exterior on display. You also notice the high resolution screen that can stack a number of applications comfortably and allow for personalisation options. However, the interface is not as elegant as the Android or iOS since Symbian 3 OS version hasn’t yet reached the top notch level.

The performance department is a tad lower when compared to other smart phones. The Nokia Astound relies on its 680 MHz processor and hence, can experience a lot of lags in its working. Moreover, with its limited memory space and storage capacity, you cannot trust the smart phone to assist you with high order multitasking functions.

As far as apps are concerned, there are limited apps for you to choose from. However, Nokia has made available a few email integrated apps for its users that aid web surfing with the 3G networking the mobile supports and social media plug-ins for easy access.

There is an 8MP rear facing camera that helps you shoot impressive pictures, even in dimly lit rooms. All in all, the Nokia Astound is a wonderful smart phone and at a reasonable price, offers you tons of value for the money you spend on it.

Nokia N8
Nokia N8
When compared to other smart phones offering the same features as the Nokia N8, you find it extremely expensive. However, thanks to the upgrade that the smart phone received with its Symbian 3 version OS, there is a lot more that you can look forward to with this phone.

The design is rugged and while not outright slim it has a sturdy build and a classy metallic feel. The display consists of an AMOLED powered touch screen with high resolutions making the interface lively and easy to use. On the software front, the apps and display panels have become completely ergonomic and Symbian is really working hard to make sure you have the best quality apps and services easily available in your smart phone.

However, the Nokia N8 processor is still very slow and sluggish and when compared to its counterparts in other companies, especially when you try multitasking. The phone comes with an expandable memory of up to 32 GB through SD slots and external memory card options. The camera is great and at 5MP is pretty good for the money you pay.

With 3G services and an average browsing and functional experience, we recommend the N8, only if you’d like to give Symbian a chance. The mobile can be a little too expensive for some, particularly for the very few unique features it has.


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