4 Main Methods For Producing Foam Inserts

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4 Main Methods For Producing Foam Inserts
Foam inserts are very important for flight cases. They are a vital piece of the puzzle and ensure that the all equipment is protected as much as possible. Foam inserts can be customised to the shape and size to fit any requirement.  

They can be made in various ways and it could be important for you to know exactly how that happens. Below are the 4 most effective ways foam is made for your customised case.

Die Cut

Originally die cutting was made for cutting leather within the shoe industry. The advantages of this type of cutting are that objects normally fit extremely well into it. This is due to the fact that it can cut through various layers of material. From this you can get aesthetically appealing results. Besides this, it’s very precise so most of the material that is cut is done to a near perfection level.

CNC Routing

One of the most modern pieces of technology that ensures that foam is designed specifically to the cases needs is CNC Routing. This advanced technology makes use of the well-known CAD software which is computer controlled and precise.

The way this product does its task is by making the image three dimensional. Due the fact the product is three dimensional, it means that it can figure each location and be much more accurate. Since it’s accurate it will cut the pieces exactly how they need to be and ensure that it’s the correct size for the cases.

The advantage for this type of software is that it produces consistent results as it’s based on programmed software. It can also produce the inserts on a low scale basis or a high one and you’ll still get exactly the same results.

Water Jet Cutting

Four Main Methods For Producing Foam Inserts
Water jet cutting might not be one of the cheapest options but it’s certainly one of the best. This type of foam cutting occurs when you want the cut to be made on any shape or dimension. Some advantages to this type of cutting are due to the fact that it is known to be much more environmentally friendly compared to other versions. Since it doesn’t produce any dust residue or hazardous waste or fumes it can be run more efficiently. Also you would think that its water jetted that it would use up a lot of water resources. This is actually not the case as it uses technology such as the closed loop setup which is made to be as efficient as possible and save water.

These three methods are some of the most effective on the market and always garner results. They work due to the fact they are the most accurate and most reliable. This needs to be the case when making foam inserts as they need to fit exactly to how the case is made. When looking for specific cases be sure to check how the inserts are made and to what dimensions they can be scaled from.


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