5 New Functions To Expect From TVs In The Near Future

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5 New Functions To Expect From TVs In The Near Future
The evolution of TV industry has gone through a series of dramatic changes: from a black and white TV screens to plasma and HD TVs. However, its evolution is not over yet. 

The future of television could bring us any unexpected surprises. It is hard to predict what television would look like in 50 years, but it is possible to foresee what will happen to TV industry in the nearest future. The technology is highly influenced by the fact that TV producers have to adapt to constant changes on the market and satisfy the desires of their customers. 

You never know when a multiscreen and interactive TV models would become reality. Would all these innovations make our movie experiences better? It is only up to you to decide whether to buy a new “must-have” feature or not.

5. Surface TV

Turning your bathroom mirror or a living room wall into a TV may sound futuristic, but it may be reality soon. NDS Fresco TV will turn any wall into an interactive media center. Imagine watching your favorite TV show or a movie with your friends on a big screen the size of your wall. You will also have a chance to adjust the size of the screen by selecting a section of the TV. The TV would turn into the ordinary wallpaper when not used. 

4. On-demand Programs

You don’t need to have 2,000 channels on your satellite; the future TV service providers would offer you only personalized products to satisfy your needs. Tailored personalized services would revolutionize and simplify the world of modern TV. You will get only what you need and get rid of irrelevant content.

3. 4K cinema resolution

4K TV offers you the highest resolution (about 4,000 pixels wide on 2,000 pixels high) on the market. Have you seen the Avatar 3D in a cinema? Then you have already experienced the real 4K quality.

4K technology is also available for home use, as most of the TV manufacturers have already released its prototypes that will enhance the existing 3D quality. Even though 4K content is still scarce, the technology appears to be very promising and inevitable. 

2. Broadband access

What can be better than Internet-based TV? According to Direct2TV, both Apple and Microsoft expressed their desires to create internet subscription TV in the nearest future. Television and internet are becoming more intertwined. The audience will soon start streaming internet video sources from their broadband providers. Even though governments still need to resolve ownership issues between the two, this technology would come to every house in the next few years. 

1. Smartphone Remote Control

High Definition Television
Smartphones affected people’s lives in many ways. These small portable computers/phones not only have access to internet, but also have access to our home appliances. You can synchronize your home with your smartphone to switch on and off the lights in any room, or turn on your TV on your favorite channel. Mobile apps and a stable internet connection can make miracles. Future technology will give your smartphone a carte blanche to control and program TV’s functions.

This is a guest post by Andras D., an occasional guest-blogger and a full-time media specialist. He currently works on exciting media projects in the US and Europe.


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