Can The IPhone 5 Beat Off The Windows 8X Phone?

Posted by Bhavesh Joshi On Friday, March 1, 2013 0 comments
iPhone 5 Smartphone
Comparing these two 3g phone models is an interesting proposition. Both the Windows and the Apple IOS are operating systems that cannot be tweaked and re-skinned by developers and manufacturers. Therefore, the experience that users have is fairly pure.

It's always interesting doing a comparison with iPhones. On sales numbers, they are undoubtedly the best in the world. But sometimes the technical people that review them don't quite agree. We techies think that the iPhone lacks innovation in recent models and the iPhone 5 was below par and definitely below expectations. There is no doubt though that both Apple and HTC have done a good job with these phones. So, in this article we find out why the iPhone 5 beat the Windows 8X Phone hands down in a product comparison.

Let’s take a look at the appearance.


IPhone have continued their iconic Apple feel to the iPhone 5. Not much has changed from the iPhone 4 and 4S. It's a little bit taller to accommodate the 4-inch rather than 3.5 inch, screen, but overall the look and feel have remained the same.

The Windows Phone 8 looks nice but when it was announced, I was expecting a beautiful phone that really caught my attention. It has nice curves and it is attractive, but the soft plastic appearance just doesn't cut the mustard at this level. Windows are trying to build a reputation in the industry and to entice away loyal Android and Apple customers is going to take some pretty serious phones.

The Windows Phone 8X is not quite that. The Apple phone is gorgeous. It is premium and made from high quality materials. I guess the similarities throughout the iPhone series sing the Apple maxim “If it is not broke, don't fix it”. To be honest, the loyal millions of Apple iPhone purchasers probably agree.

Button Problem

The buttons on the Windows Phone don't work so well either. They are unfortunately rather unresponsive and do not provide the feedback required to offer an excellent experience. The buttons on the IPhone are as good as ever. Responsive, sticking out the right amount and offering a springy feel.


The screens are very similar in size. The Windows Phone 8 is 0.3 inches larger at 4.3 inches, than the iPhone’s 4 inches. The quality of the two is similar however the iPhone is a better outdoor phone and performs more competently when viewed from extreme angles. In my opinion, the iPhone screen is at a different level to the Windows Phone 8X. The Windows Phone 8X is good but just not to the same standard.


Windows 8X Smartphone
The iPhone wins this comparison, hands down. The Windows Phone is good but the experience is soiled by some poor functionality and the look and feel that is below the level of the iPhone.

The iPhone is a beautiful and quality device. The operating system is excellent and it's no wonder that people love the brand. In my opinion, Apple will have to innovate more in order to stay up with the likes of the Droid DNA, the new Samsung offerings and some new handsets from Sony, such as the one in James Bond. Time will tell whether Apple retain their superb hold on so many loyal customers.


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