Different Uses Of Social Media

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Different Uses Of Social Media
There are many legitimate ways through which you can use social media and with the rest of the world going digital, I think this is a perfect article for you to read to get a sneak peak to some top roles played by this relatively new invention (social media) - primarily in the world of business.


Social networking has come a pretty long way from just being an avenue for people to interact, to emerge as one of the major business tools in the vast World Wide Web. The core objective of social networking sites still remains the same - to facilitate constant interaction and communication in the cyberspace. What has significantly changed though is the way the users and especially sharp entrepreneurs are using these sites nowadays.

Unlike in the recent past when social media platforms seemed to be restricted to teenagers, today a forty year old businessman utilizes it as a valuable recruitment tool, while a seventy year old gentleman uses it to keep in touch with his old friends. Right from Twitter to Facebook and Nexopia, all these sites have many diverse merits that you should strive to tap into.

Different Uses of Social Media That You can take advantage of to take your Enterprise to the Next Level

Customer Relationship

Social media boasts a wide variety of dynamic channels that make it easy for businesses to connect with their customers whenever necessary. Through this avenue (social media), business owners can easily communicate with their clients to build stronger business ties and to establish extended customer loyalty.

On the other hand, customers can easily stay in touch with their suppliers to remain up-beat with the necessary facts available in their industry through social media. Remember, an informed customer is a satisfied customer!

For instance, Twitter is very helpful for retaining a personal touch with your clients.

Simplified Marketing and Enhanced Network-building 

This point partly borrows from the previous comment about connecting with clients. However, it is important to note that marketing and networking can take many different forms (i.e it's not just limited to connecting with clients). Social media creates an aura of favorable interactions by bringing together like-minded individuals. Take for example Linkedln which primarily exists for the purpose of creating networks within people of different professions.

Businesses can take advantage of this aspect of social media to market to their clients (in a persuasive environment) and to foster stronger B2B ties to achieve great growth milestones.

Social media for improved "search-ability"

Did you know that you can use social media to soar high on various search engine results for your chosen keywords? Well, social media and by extension social media marketing is a perfect way to draw viral traffic to your site. Google recognizes a site's importance upon analyzing its traffic flow rate. Sites with high traffic flow are normally ranked highest for relevant keyword searches.

You can fully rely on social media to turn around your online business fortunes by establishing strong SEO performance e.g by creating YouTube videos to attract traffic to your site.

Social media PR to save firm's image

Unlike other traditional forms of communication available out there in the world, social media facilitates prompt delivery of information to a targeted audience. As such, social media comes in handy in case there is need to address immediate concerns. Social media is useful for addressing events such as bad publicity and any arising concerns that may be of interest to your audience.

In case you're struggling to clean the image of your firm, you're better off rolling out a sustained social media PR campaign.

Product launch and limited offers

Social media is a perfect spring board for running test drives for new products or services. With social media, you can avoid "testing the depth of the waters with your both feet" as you can use your online fan-base to get a rough idea of the efficiency or inefficiency of your campaign infrastructure beforehand.

Social media is the most preferred avenue to roll out special offers and limited offers for maximum publicity and response.

There are many different uses of social media. In fact, what we've discussed above represents only a small proportion of the most important merits that you need to learn about. Keep visiting this page for fresh facts relevant to your needs.


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