Drive Safe - Phone Hands-Free Options

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Drive Safe - Phone Hands-Free Options
Despite there being big campaigns about the consequences of using your mobile phone while driving there are still a large number of people who take the risk, not just of being fined but of causing an accident. You can, however, use your phone while driving if you have hands-free. 

You still need to be sure that you are in complete control of the vehicle though as if the police believe otherwise you can still be prosecuted for using the phone.  The only time you are able to use your phone is if you need to make a call to the emergency services and it is unsafe for you to stop.

Fines can run to thousands of pounds and this does not even begin to cover the cost of any damage caused in an accident. So, here we discuss the hands free options available for your mobile phone when driving.

Hands-Free Options

Bluetooth Earpiece
Many handsets do come with an earpiece that connects to the phone with a cord so that you can use it while driving or carrying out other tasks.  The cord can sometimes be an issue as it can get in the way while driving and is not really practical, but this is the most basic of options that are available to you.  To be honest they are a joke as far as a hands-free option goes.

In-Car Kits

Hands-free car kits can be fitted easily in your vehicle so that you can use them on speaker or with Bluetooth. These have an aerial included that will boost reception in areas with poor network coverage.

Parrot kits are becoming very popular and many company car drivers have had these fitted as a matter of course.  This allows the phone to be used completely hands free and is far safer than trying to use a corded earpiece. This is not the cheapest option but it is a worthwhile investment if you spend a lot of time driving.  Mobile phone usage is important for those in business who need to be out of the office a lot but at the same time safety needs to be paramount. 

In-Car Kits
It should also be noted that many of the latest cars have control panels on the steering wheels if the car has a Bluetooth system already installed.  This can make it even easier to use your phone while driving.  You can accept and reject calls from the control panel and the cradle adaptor which is used can use the battery power from the car as well as the external antenna in order to reduce reliance on the mobile phone’s own battery.   You do need to have a compatible phone in order for this to work but there are very few handsets which are not compatible. 


Bluetooth HeadsetsBluetooth headsets are available for a few pounds and most mobile phones now have this technology.  There is an earpiece which is cordless and easy to operate without taking your attention away from driving. Other Bluetooth devices include a speaker/mic you clip onto your shirt, handier if you wear glasses than an earpiece.

Opt for a universal model and you will find that it will still work even when you upgrade the phone to another model.

It is important not to believe that you are safe to use your handset without hands-free while you are driving.  Even the most experienced drivers have been distracted this way and it has had horrific consequences. 


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