Getting To Know The Nokia 6500 Slide

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Getting To Know The Nokia 6500 Slide

Overview to Nokia 6500 Slide

Nokia is a popular mobile phone manufacturer who is known for putting out mobile devices that are durable and reliable, from advanced smartphones to more basic models like the Nokia 6500 Slide. If you are looking for a mobile phone that will keep you connected to the internet, your email, and all of your social media pages with powerful 3G speeds, the Nokia 6500 Slide is definitely an option.

However, if you are expecting the Nokia 6500 Slide to be your typical high-end smartphone, like the Samsung Galaxy models or the Apple iPhones that are regularly released, you may be very disappointed to find that this mobile phone is actually very much like the mobile phones of old, with a keypad that is used for making calls and sending messages and a D-pad used for navigating the interface and websites in place of an advanced touchscreen.

Below are some other features found on the Nokia 6500 Slide so that you can get to know this mobile phone’s features better in order to determine if it’s the right phone for you.

The Keypad on the Nokia 6500 Slide

In order to access the basic, yet responsive, keypad on the Nokia 6500 Slide, you have to slide the face of this mobile phone upward. The keys are large, which is great for those who have trouble dialling and texting on small keys and touchscreens, and the action of moving the face of the Nokia 6500 Slide up and back down is very smooth as well.

Sockets on the Nokia 6500 Slide

Connecting your Nokia 6500 Slide to your computer is easy, thanks to sockets found on the top of this phone. A micro USB port allows you to connect your phone to your computer so that you can transfer data to and from your Nokia 6500 Slide, whether you want to share photos, videos, or music between the devices.

The Nokia 6500 Slide
You also have a 2.5mm socket that’s used for connecting the Nokia 6500 Slide to headphones for listening to the music player or the FM radio, or you can even use this socket to connect your mobile phone to your television instead. This feature is especially fun for times when you want to display your mobile phone’s videos and photos on the big screen for family and friends to view. You can also do everything from play games to visit websites because everything that you do on your phone is projected onto your television’s screen. And, as a bonus, because the Nokia 6500 Slide can make video calls, you can even have your video calls projected onto your TV as well.

Enjoying Music on the Nokia 6500 Slide

Use the USB cable to transfer music from your computer to your Nokia 6500 Slide. You can play everything from MP3 and MP4 music files to AAC and WMA files, among others. And the headphones that come with the Nokia 6500 Slide pump out great quality music so there’s no need to upgrade if you don’t want to.


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