HOT The Nokia Lumia 900 - Last Year's Flagship Phone At A Sensible Price

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HOT The Nokia Lumia 900
Nokia had a pretty good 2012. However, they lost their status as the biggest mobile phone vendor in the world to Samsung. Nokia had been number one for well over a decade until Samsung came along and delivered the blow. Part of this shift in power has been due to the increase in the number of smartphones sold. In 2012, 45% of all phones that was sold were classified as smartphone. In 2011, this figure was 37%.

Both Nokia and Samsung have over the last decade or so produced excellent phones at a range of prices. Both have delivered basic phones, feature phones, and smartphones that have gained massive popularity. With the change in emphasis towards smartphones that has started, and will no doubt continue, Nokia has ramped up its efforts to deliver a better level of smartphone.

The Nokia Lumia 900 came onto the market in the middle of 2012 as the flagship device produced by the Finnish Corporation. By dimensions, it measures 177.8 X 68.5 X 11.5. It retailed at £399 SIM free, and therefore competed near the top end with the best Samsungs, iPhones, and Sonys. It has since been superseded by the Lumia 920, and so is available at very reasonable prices at the moment. (£265 on Just pair that with a SIM only GiffGaff or T Mobile phone deal and you have a great phone on a contract with a great price.

The positives

The phone offers fantastic applications and excellent all-around performance. It is an attractive phone looking much like a super-sized Lumia 800. With a 4.3 inch screen, it benefits from Nokia's excellent display technology and provides a really good experience. It runs Windows phone 7.5, and so the user interface is excellent and the navigation is simple.

The hardware is simply superb and the build quality is what you would expect from a high end Nokia phone.

The negatives

The negatives include that the phone is limited to 16 Gigabytes storage. This is a real downer. Statistics suggest that 10% of mobile phone users use more than this amount of storage in their phones. As a phone that was targeted towards power users, it will make this device inappropriate for a large proportion of them.

The phone only has a mediocre camera. It is 8 megapixels with auto focus. At this high end it fails to impress.


Latest New Nokia Lumia 900
Overall, this phone is a pretty impressive offering from Nokia. I will rate it 4.5 out of 5 as compared to its competition at the time. Now, I would probably give it 4 out of 5 as technology has advanced and Lumia 920 has improved upon this former flagship offering.

A mention should be made that this phone offers terrific value for money. It is probably one of the best value phones ever made. Nokia are improving with every smartphone release and who would bet against the next one being a real belter of a phone.


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