How Modern Technology Is Changing The Way Your Delivery Service Works

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How Modern Technology Is Changing The Way Your Delivery Service Works
Think about the technology that you rely on every day. Technology runs your day, from the second you get out of bed in the morning into a nice, warm, centrally heated room and head to the kitchen to boil water to make your cup of tea or coffee, to the wireless router providing internet to every corner of your home. It is even there in the way that we communicate as you text your friend on the touch screen of your new smart phone. Technology is everywhere and affects every part of our lives and new advances in this area are changing the way we play, work and do business. 

Technology in Shipping

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the freight and shipping industry. Companies such as FedEx rely on new technology to improve the service they provide to their customers and with recent developments that include SMS and email delivery updates to customers, apps which allow delivery companies to monitor their own fuel costs and delivery times and electronic logging, it has never been easier for freight companies to provide an efficient service.

There’s an App for That

It’s fair to say that there’s an app for most things in life, whether business or personal and shipping companies are no exception. With many businesses requiring express shipping that is also fully traceable, the development of apps which allow drivers to photograph deliveries and signed shipping documents, clean them up and send them directly back to the office means that paperwork is much easier for freight companies to handle. Some larger delivery companies have their own apps which allow customers to log in and check the delivery status of their parcel. There are even apps which allow shipping companies to monitor the delivery times and fuel costs incurred by their drivers, helping them to provide a more cost-effective and efficient service to their customers.

Electronic Logging

Delivery drivers can add information on every stage of the shipping process, from loading the parcel onto the delivery van to the consignment’s arrival at its destination. When the tracking number is supplied to the customer it is easy for them to log in on to a mobile-friendly site and track each stage of their parcel’s journey, which in turn makes their life easier. This is particularly valuable when a customer has requested express shipping for valuable or priority items, as it saves the freight company time and money dealing with phone calls and emails enquiring about the whereabouts of a delivery.

Get your Goods, Fast

With many shipping companies offering a guaranteed next-day delivery service or your money back, it has never been easier to order something online today and receive your goods tomorrow. If you’re sending parcels overseas or to friends or family in the UK, utilising a next-day service means you can track your parcel’s delivery and ensure that it won’t be left without a signature. More companies than ever before offer a 24/7 service which provides a confirmation of delivery either by text or email, so you have the peace of mind that valuable items have reached their destination.

Keep your Cool

Technology Is Changing The Way Your Delivery Service Works
Some larger delivery services in the UK and Europe offer temperature controlled shipping, if your goods are perishable or need to be kept cool. This type of service is often used by pharmaceutical or perishable goods industries shipping food and medicine across the country and it’s the reason why these countries can enjoy fresh food from across the globe on our supermarket shelves! Without the use of refrigerated transport, they wouldn’t have exotic fruit and vegetables or even dairy goods which have been produced abroad or in other parts of the country available to them.

With the latest advances in technology, shipping companies across the UK and Europe are changing the way they work. They’re becoming more efficient, saving money and providing a better service to customers worldwide as they utilise modern technology every day.

Frankie Hughes is a writer who has a keen interest in technology. She suggests that if you frequently send products or packages to different parts of the world, you should research the technological improvements that are used in express shipping to ensure you get great and speedy service.


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