How To Actually Choose Your Mobile Phone Number

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How To Actually Choose Your Mobile Phone Number

When you first get a mobile phone you may not be aware but you can actually choose your own number.

When you sign your contract with your service provider you can actually request an easy to remember number. There are no guarantees that you will get the exact number you want, but the service provider will have a list of available numbers that you will be able to choose from. If you need a number that a child or an elderly relative will find easy to remember then make sure you ask for this when you sign your contract. If you do not then you will be given a random mobile phone number that might be harder to remember. It can be very inconvenient to have to change your mobile number. Here we describe how to firstly choose and then keep your number.

Consecutive Numbers

If there are a few of you in the family buying handsets together then it is possible to get consecutive numbers which will make remembering the numbers all that more easier. This is particularly useful for those who are running a family business. Not only will family find the consecutive numbers useful so will clients and potential new customers. It can help to keep your business running smoothly and your clients can easily get in touch with you.

Business Options

Business users may be able to ask for a number that spells out their name. This is popular in America but not done quite so much in the UK. Those letters on the number keypad are not just there for texting. They can also be used to help people remember your number, which is easier if the number spells out a word. For example 254637 spells out the word BLINDS, an ideal number if you are in the window dressing business.

If you request a certain number for this reason, be sure to tell your network provider why you want it. They may be more inclined to free it up for you if they know it is for business reasons. Keeping business customers happy can mean bigger business for them in the future.

Personal Reasons to Choose Your Own Number

A mobile phone number is unique to you. You may not even realise it at the time but your mobile phone number will actually become part of your identity. Friends will see your number flash up on their phone and know it is you. They do not need to see your face, or see your name on the display; the number is all they need to see to know who they are going to be talking to.

Network Transfers

Choose Your Mobile Phone NumberIf you have a number that is important to you, but you decide the time has come to change your network provider, don’t let the fact you might lose your number put you off. Your number can be taken with you to whichever network you decide you want to sign up with.

The process is very quick and fairly painless and it means, particularly for business users, that there is no need to let everyone know a new number, there is no need to change business cards and company letterheads and there is no need to have friends and family try to remember a brand new number. Porting is much easier all round.


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