How To Get The Best Mobile Phone Insurance In The UK

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How To Get The Best Mobile Phone Insurance In The UK
Mobile phones aren't simply devices that are meant just for talking and texting, they're now small computer systems that are of great value and also an asset. Here are some details on how to recognise a great deal on mobile phone insurance, so that your handset will be fully secured if the worst should happen. So, if you need the reassurance of insurance for your mobile then, this article will point you in the right direction.

Do You Need Mobile Phone Insurance?

If you want to make sure your handset is covered in case of robbery, loss or damage then taking out insurance is a great idea, however before you take out devoted insurance for mobile phones it is a good idea to make sure that your phone is not already covered on your household insurance.

More often than not, people find they are paying twice for something. This is particularly true when it comes to home contents insurance, which nowadays doesn’t just cover items in the home it can also cover items lost or damaged outside of the home too.

Some banks now offer amazing incentives just for having an account with them. This can include things such as travel insurance and home insurance. If your handset is covered under the terms of your bank account then you will not need to spend any more money taking out dedicated mobile phone insurance.

Insurance through Your Network

If you decide that you do want mobile phone insurance this can be arranged with your network provider. You can usually call their customer services directly and for free from your handset. If calling from another phone you will need to give them your mobile phone number for identification. Every network provider will have a department dedicated to insurance for your mobile phone. They may even be able to guide you if you are unsure if you are covered elsewhere.

Get The Best Mobile Phone Insurance In The UK
The insurance department will advise you on how much your monthly premium will cost. This will likely vary depending on the make and model of your phone. It is never overly expensive, so if you have splashed all your cash on the best handset possible and you are worried about not being able to afford the insurance, rest assured it may only cost an extra couple of pound on top of your monthly contract fee, which will be barely noticeable each month.

What ‘s Covered?

Not all insurances will cover for water damage. As a matter of fact most of them will not. If your new mobile was really expensive then it might be worth buying a cover for it. It will not make the phone completely waterproof, but it will protect it from dirt and water splashes that could otherwise cause costly damage to the circuit boards inside the phone. These are also not expensive. They can be bought in a variety of colours which are ideal for matching your personality. There is no need to stick to a plain black case anymore, if animal prints are more your style then you will be more than happy with the wide selection of mobile phone accessories available to you.


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