Invest In New Technology For 2013 And Take This Year By Storm!

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Invest In New Technology For 2013 And Take This Year By Storm!
The world of the geek is an ever expanding universe; as technology takes over our society, it’s hard to step more than a few feet outside without seeing someone with an iPhone glued to their ear or an iPod in hand.  These advances in technology come at a price though, and for those of you who are sitting here reading this article on your antiquated HP desktop, perhaps 2013 is the time to invest in some new technology!

The Blue Screen of Death

We’ve all been there.  Usually, it happens on a busy morning when you really don’t need the hassle. You thought everything was going so well between you and then, one morning you wake up to the blue screen of death!  Your computer has finally given up the ghost and gone to motherboard heaven.  No doubt you’re cursing and screaming, all of your files are stuck on your hard drive (unless you’ve been sensible enough to create backups on an external drive, memory stick or CD) and you won’t be able to access the internet.  But before you find this happening to you…let’s rewind a little.

Have a Back-up

Did you know that the average desktop computer lasts around 18-24 months before a component (usually the hard drive or graphics card) gives out and needs replacing?  Replacing parts can be costly, time consuming, and most of the time it’s not really worth the time and money to bother with, unless you have a custom spec gaming machine!  The news is even worse if you have a laptop, as generally it’s harder to replace and upgrade parts, so you’re best off not even considering attempting this.  This is why, when your desktop or laptop starts to reach the end of its lifespan, you should consider buying a backup machine before the inevitable blue screen of death catches you out one sunny Monday morning!

Alternatives to the Traditional

You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands investing in a new high specification laptop or desktop PC, when there are so many new options available on the market today.  You could purchase a tablet such as the iPad or Samsung Galaxy, or opt for a portable netbook, if you prefer something that feels a bit more like a traditional computer.   Many tablets come with accessories such as a keyboard, if you’re going to be using it for doing a lot of typing or for work.  Of course, a brand new tablet may set you back a few hundred pounds, but why not consider turning to a payday loan lender, who can advance you the cash you need until your next pay day.  Using a payday loan for one-off purchases such as this is an easy way to get the gadgets you need for work or pleasure now. By paying them off in a month’s time and provided you borrow responsibly and repay the amount in full on your next pay day, they are a sensible, low-risk way to borrow a lump sum of cash!

Consider Second Hand

Invest In New Technology For 2013
Of course, you don’t have to use your Quick quid loan to purchase a shiny new tablet or netbook; why not consider heading to one of the second hand retailers on the High Street.  There are several of these in most towns and cities, selling everything from pre-owned console and PC games to DVDs and gadgets.  You can usually pick up things like smart phones, laptops, cameras, netbooks and tablets at a greatly discounted rate and most of the items they have on display are in near-mint condition.  If you’re too busy to head out to the shops, look online; sites such as eBay usually have plenty of netbooks and tablets for sale, but proceed with caution, always check the product description and any pictures and email the seller to clarify the condition of the goods before bidding.  You can find some real bargains online which often are as close a makes no difference – brand new.

Don’t wait until your PC lets you down; invest in some new technology today as a back-up, should your desktop or laptop fail you.  Who knows, your back-up may even become your preferred gadget of choice; just remember not to be distracted watching films on your new iPad while you’re supposed to be working!


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