IPad Sales Strong During The Holiday Period

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IPad Sales Strong During The Holiday Period
Although statistics captured from mobile advertising data suggests that Android tablets were twice as popular as iPads during Christmas 2012, the iPad and iPad mini are still the most popular tablets. This article is representing the details about the strength of iPad sales during the 2012 holiday season.

According to new data from Millennial Media, who specializes in mobile advertising, iOS tablet impressions grew at 7% per day on average during the December 23rd to December 27th period. In contrast, Android tablet impressions grew at an average of 18% per day.

This comparison is a little unfair as it compares iPad sales to all the Android sales from a variety of manufacturers including Amazon, Samsung, and Google etc. This means that the 18% average daily growth is split among several companies. Even if it was split just among the three manufacturers mentioned above, it would mean that Apple’s 7% average daily growth rate is higher than the 6% for each of the top three Android tablet makers.

In reality, there are many more than three Android tablet makers as companies like Asus and Acer also have significant sales. Also, the market share isn’t evenly split. It is likely that Amazon has a greater Android tablet market share than say Samsung.

What this means is that the iPad is still the top selling tablet, and the Christmas holiday data confirms it. The data comes from analyzing the number of ads served from Millennial Media’s mobile advertising system and looking at what types of devices requested the ads. The ads are requested by mobile apps which are monetized by including advertising.

Apple iPad Mini
iPad growth was steady, but climbing, during December with greater growth seen after December 25th. The growth rate and total number of iPads in use during the 2012 holidays far exceeded those of 2011.

One significant difference between 2011 and 2012 is that in November 2012 Apple released the iPad mini, a 7.9 inch version of the iPad with similar processing capabilities as the iPad 2. This means that the Christmas 2012 numbers also include the sales and growing usage of the iPad mini as well as the standard iPad.

2013 promises to be an interesting year as Apple fights to keep its top position. There is lots of speculation about Apple’s plans for the iPad and iPad mini this year as well as anticipation about the next generation of iPhone. However, it is certain that Apple and its competitors will continue to strive to woo consumers into buying one of their devices.


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