Is The Motorola Razr I An Apple IPhone 5 Beater?

Posted by Bhavesh Joshi On Sunday, March 10, 2013 0 comments

Apple iPhone
These two phones are from manufacturers with contrasting fortunes in the smartphone market. Apple has sold millions and millions and millions of their iPhone series, with 50 million of the iPhone 5 sold in a single quarter of 2012. Motorola have sold around 120 million of their Razrs in three years. So, how do these two phones stack up on display, the appearance and design, their processors and so on. Here we compare and contrast the Motorola Razr I with the iPhone 5 to see if it is actually a better phone.

Appearance and design

The Apple iPhone does not diverge massively from its traditional iPhone look. They have made it slightly taller to cope with the 4 inch screen compared to the 3.5 inch screen, but it is the same iconic look that has served Apple so well.

The Motorola has again gone for a similar design to its predecessors, but it's certainly a bit more impressive and imposing than its forbearers. It has a display that goes almost edge to edge and is a nice looking phone. They actually both look very similar next to each other in shape. Personally, I prefer the iPhone and appreciate the fact that it got it right first.


The Motorola has a 4.3 inch display compared to the iPhone 5’s 4 inch. However, the technology on the iPhone 5 is superior. It has a better pixel density and just provides a sharper, nicer display. Therefore, on the display, I give Apple iPhone 5 the win.

The camera

The iPhone 5's 8 mega pixel camera is better than the Motorola's 8 megapixel camera. It takes more consistent, better pictures and therefore takes the win.

The operating system

The iPhone 5 runs its Apple iOS 6 platform. Motorola runs Android. Which you prefer already dictates whether you like the Apple or the Motorola on the software front. For me, the Android platform is still much better than the iPhone iOS 6 platform, and therefore, I would choose the Motorola on this front.

The storage and processor

The iPhone for me has a better processor although its specifications don't look as impressive. It has an amazing ability to get a lot out of the operating system. It's fast, snappy, and frankly incredible. The iPhone comes with different amounts of on-board storage including 13, 32, and 64 Gigabytes. T-Mobile, 3 Mobile, Orange, Vodafone and other networks will require pretty hefty contracts to get the 64GB phone as it is extremely expensive.

Motorola Razor I

The Razr comes with 8 Gigabytes of on-board storage and capacity to increase using a micro SD card. I like the fact that it has a micro SD slot. However, on the processor and the memory, overall the iPhone wins for me.


For me, the iPhone wins this battle. It is a solid and impressive phone with an iconic design that is extremely popular in the consumer market.


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