IStroll Kid - IPad Holder For A Child's Stroller

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IStroll Kid - IPad Holder For A Child's Stroller
Do you wish there was an easier way to entertain your child when they’re in a stroller? Maybe you’re grocery shopping, going for a jog or just need a quick break to fix a snack or do the laundry. If you have an iPad or any other tablet, we may have a solution for you. It’s called the iStroll Kid. With the help of the iStroll Kid, your child can be busy watching Yo Gabba Gabba or interacting with an educational app, this allows you to freely run errands, shop, or go for a walk all while they are in their stroller.

Kids love the iPad...

Kids love the iPad because it’s interactive, convenient, and easy to use for all ages. The iStroll Kid connects an iPad to a stroller which then entertains children and allows parents to rest easier while going out somewhere. Christian Souza, the creator of iStroll Kid, has had the same problems that most parents do when trying to wrestle your kid while on the go. He tells us how he got the idea for this project. “My idea came about because my son at the time, when he was a one year old, would not sit in his stroller for anything. I knew he always interacted with the iPad so I created a prototype that attached to his stroller and miraculously he was distracted enough to sit in his stroller while I ran errands. I thought that if I went through this, I'm sure other parents my find this device handy.” Being a father himself, Christian understands how difficult it can get to manage your child when you’re on the go.

The iStroll...

The iStroll Kid comes with a lower clamp that attaches to either a round, square, or oval shaped stroller legs. It is the first product that actually connects to a stroller leg or a wheelchair. The goose neck extension adjusts to the height you need depending on where your child is positioned in the stroller.  The mount is adjustable to fit an iPad or any other types of tablet such as Kindle, Galaxy, etc.

What excites him most about this project is the fact that he could create a device that would be able to help a child. Christian wants to make a difference in the world and he believes this device will help parents as well as their children. He says, “I started to receive emails from parents with children with special needs. They all shared their stories of how their kids depend on the iPad to help them communicate and interact. The iStroll Kid will make the biggest impact here. If it can help a child, personally to me, it would be the best feeling in the world.”

What's next...

istroll kid
Right now he’s trying to finish producing his first line of production and is campaigning on Kickstarter to get the funding his needs to make this product a success.  Once fully funded, he plans to launch in April of this year. He’s taking pre-orders for a cost of $35. After the initial launch, the retail price will be $49.99.


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