LG Masterminds Its Smart TV Platform With Excellent Apps

Posted by Bhavesh Joshi On Tuesday, March 5, 2013 0 comments
LG Smart TV
The small screen has often allured many since its arrival a century back. Various innovations have made sure that black and white TVs are replaced by Plasma and other sleeker models over time. LG, a company well known for its consumer friendly products, has brought out smart TVs which combine smart phone icons and a motion-controlled Magic Remote. Its app store has a number of decent apps and LG has proved why the TV market needs to be taken a little more seriously.

With so many innovations ruling the markets, TV manufacturers have long tried to fit everything into the small TV screen. They are governed by the mantra “the more, the better”. With a matching demand for such classic technology, all the Smart TV companies are joining the bandwagon, taking on their competitors with a pinch of salt and lots of revolutionized technology.

As each company tries to capture a large market segment, there is no doubt that everyone is out to impress the ultimate consumer. The Korean company is here to stay, without any doubts. So if you’re a TV freak looking for some extremely good apps on your Smart TV, then LG is the brand you should choose for sure.

Some New and Amazing Apps:

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory: The name may sound synonymous with the US space administration but has a collection of videos for space enthusiasts. With decent video quality and an option of watching videos in full-screen mode, the content is mind boggling for those who want to get a sneak peek into the extra terrestrial activities of other planets. While the videos at the moment have been restricted to 15, we’re certainly hoping that NASA would upgrade and release some more videos for the common man to share and enjoy.

K-POP Zone: LG has stayed true to its Korean roots. Its loyalty has been proved once again with the K-Pop Application. As the app promotes Korean music, there are various options being offered currently for the users to view. The Gangnam style video has been a huge hit worldwide and Korean music popularity has soared after this song. This app allows users to have an access to Korean videos as well as watch footages of concert. Some videos may cost a few dollars but are surely not a bad deal.

LG Cloud: Cloud is the buzzword in the tech world these days and the company has simply logged on to the technology. An individual having an Android smart phone can download this app on the TV. After logging in through a LG id and password, one can upload pictures, music files and videos to the cloud which are easily accessible through your LG smart TV. With storage capacity of 50 GB, there is enough space to upload some cool stuff.

Ustream: This popular streaming video website has a lot of videos in a variety of languages. You can enjoy streaming video content from this app, though the only drawback at the moment is the language barrier. With so many apps being added daily, LG is bound to overcome this barrier pretty soon enough.

The LG smart TV has more than one reason in being one of the best choices for consumers. With so many decent app choices in the beginning, the company has just introduced its technology prowess and hopes to just improve on its offerings in the times to come. With technological advances and integration of smart TV with various other devices, LG has indeed become a pioneer in the smart TV market.


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