Manage Your PR On The Go- Mobile Technology

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Manage Your PR On The Go- Mobile Technology
There are no excuses for PR (Public Relations) mistakes now that we can manage our PR campaigns 24/7. Using mobile technology we no longer need to be in the office or at a computer to be able to rectify a problem or a brewing disaster. A PR professional should be able to manage PR on the go. Here are all the apps a PR professional should utilize to manage PR on the go. See here the apps to help including communication, organization, social media and news as -

Social Media

Every PR professional should take advantage of the social media apps for smart phones. The apps are just as good as the sites and in some cases actually better. Communicate with fans, offer advice, share information and build relationships using the apps on the go. Every PR professional should have Facebook and Twitter for on the go updates, but also consider LinkedIn and Pinterest.


Everyone working in PR should keep up to date with what’s going on in the world. Few people buy hard copy newspapers anymore, instead opting to read news online and on mobile devices. You should especially keep up to date with the news of your industry, as it’s great to be able to share news on social media sites and discus it too. For example if you work in technology PR you will want to be up to date with any technological news at all times. Try the BBC news app, Instapaper and Zite.


A badly organised PR professional just doesn’t work, if you do have some issues with being organised take advantage of mobile technology to help you get everything in order. Try file sharing apps like Dropbox, so you can take all your documents with you where ever you go. There are great apps for to do lists so you always stay on top of everything, try Astrid to do list, clear and iDoneThis.


I Love Public Relations
Communication is essential in public relations. You need to be in touch with the public and your colleagues at all times keeping everyone up to date. There are lots of great ways to communicate efficiently and easily using various apps. Try the Skype app for free video calling, Whatsapp for instant messaging and Cloudtact that will instantly update your contacts if they change any of their information or contact details.

No matter what industry of PR you work in, from Technology PR to Fashion PR, at the end of it all Public Relations is all the same. You need to be organised, always in touch with the public and colleagues and on the ball, making use of various smart phone apps helps you do this.


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