Most In Demand Jobs In Europe

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Most In Demand Jobs In Europe
The employment market is changing continuously and so are the trends of job demand. Here is a list of jobs that are the most popular and in demand in Europe for 2013.

* Data Communications Analysts: The installation and maintenance of networked communications within organizations and external communication networks is supervised and managed by analysts.

* Marketing Officer: The marketing function is now a fundamental aspect of organizational life in both, the public and voluntary sector. The development of the Internet has aided to add to the marketing role, resulting in the growth of marketing positions.

* Software Engineers: Organizations are now heavily reliant on computerized systems. This has resulted in personnel, who design and develop new applications to meet specific needs such as software designers to be in higher demand.

* Medical Administrator: The healthcare sector continues to grow, which has led to an increase in the need for administrators and clerical staff.

* Community Nurse: The evolution of primary healthcare has created a high demand for community nurses who perform non-surgical tasks in the home or other local settings in the community.

* Advertising Agency Account Executive: With the media sector becoming more variegated, with an increasing number of specialist publications, broadcast channels and online media, there is a higher increase in opportunities for advertising executives.

* Customer Services Assistant: Customer Relationship Management is becoming increasingly essential in business in all sectors and this has led to the rise of customer service teams being established.

* Information Officer:  An increased number of personnel with specialist skills in operating database software and information networks, recapturing and broadcasting information as necessary are needed due to digital technology enabling organizations to store more data more efficiently.

* Administrator: The demand for administrators is growing due to the consolidation of organizational systems.

* Engineer: Demand for highly trained, skilled personnel of the mechanical, electrical, electronic, automotive, bio medical and civil engineering sciences is on the rise.

Jobs in Europe
It is no surprise that the sector which appears more frequently on this list is associated with computer technology and information technology. This is due to the rise of the internet, advancement in technology and the continued growth of integration of Information Technology and digital communications into the workplace throughout the private, public and voluntary sectors which ensures that there will be more jobs created and the trend will continue to rise. Good luck with your job search.


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