Pinterest For Real Estate Business - What Mistakes To Avoid?

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Pinterest For Real Estate Business - What Mistakes To Avoid?
Pinterest is one of the up and coming social media websites on the Internet that businesses are starting to leverage as a part of their social media marketing campaigns. When utilized correctly, Pinterest can raise awareness about a brand and even drive targeted traffic to a website all while helping a site improve its search engine rankings. As a real estate business, Pinterest offers a large number of benefits and should definitely be used when looking to promote your business online.

Why your Real Estate Business Should use Pinterest

The biggest reason for using Pinterest to promote your real estate business is to raise awareness about your company. Pinterest is just like any other social media website in that is allows you to connect with likeminded individuals on the Internet. By creating several boards and posting high quality images to your accounts, you will be able to share content with other Pinterest users that they will find interesting. By catching the attention of other Pinterest users, you will be able to drive traffic to your real estate website and position yourself as a leading real estate agent in your local market.

Mistakes to Avoid when Using Pinterest

While many real estate agents are starting to learn about the power of Pinterest as a marketing tool, very few are correctly utilizing all that Pinterest has to offer. By avoiding the following mistakes, you will see much better results with your social media marketing efforts when using this new website.

No Text with your Pins

When pinning an image to your Pinterest board, it is important that you remember to include some text with your pin to let people know what the image is. This text will also help people search the website to find your pictures if you use strategic keywords to target certain individuals.

Post Low Quality Pictures

Since Pinterest is all about sharing images that you find on the Internet, it is vital that you post high quality images to your board. If you post low quality images, your Pinterest board will not be very appealing and Pinterest users will simply gloss over your images and move on to the next board that does catch their attention. 

Posting high quality images also increases your chances of other Pinterest users re-pinning your images on their board to share with their friends. Since this is the best way to get more followers on Pinterest, you want to make sure you are posting high quality, interesting images to your board to compel other users to re-pin your images.

Being Unorganized

Only creating one board for all of your images is one of the most common mistakes businesses make when using Pinterest as a social media marketing tool. By creating several different boards and pinning specific images to each board, you will be able to target you ideal audience much more effectively. Being organized and creating several different boards to serve as categories for your Pinterest account is an excellent way to ensure you are placing the best images possible in front of the right audience on Pinterest.

No Backlinks

What Mistakes You Should Avoid in Pinterest? Another common mistake people make when using Pinterest is failing to post a backlink with each image that they pin. While Pinterest is excellent for increasing awareness about your brand and developing a social media following, the website can also provide SEO benefits as well. Ensuring that every image your post contains a backlink will enable your website to see an increase in its search engine ranking simply by posting content to your Pinterest account.
There are many benefits associated with Pinterest that real estate businesses can receive if they use the website correctly. Avoiding some of the more common Pinterest mistakes mentioned above will help your real estate website realize these benefits and see an increase in traffic simply by actively promoting your Pinterest account.


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