Polygraph Test To Prove Innocence

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What Is A Polygraph Test?

Polygraph Test To Prove Innocence
A polygraph test or a lie detector test is an electrical test that will measure physiological reactions to determine deceptive behaviour. They can be between 74% and 95% accurate depending on the equipment used, the examiner taking the test and the questions asked. The test usually takes about an hour and the results, unless discarded by the examiner, can be given on the same day. The polygraph examiner should be from the European and British Polygraph Association or an organisation of the same worth.

Who Would Need To Take A Polygraph Test?

Anyone can take a polygraph test and it can be taken almost anywhere. The examiner will bring the machine to your own home if necessary or it can be taken to a meeting room in a hotel. The accuser can give the examiner questions they would like them to ask the person taking the test. A lot more people have been taking tests due to the popularity of media shows, such as The Jeremy Kyle Show in which many people contest their child’s paternity or accuse their partners or spouses of having affairs or one night stands. The show offers its guests a polygraph test to find out the truth once and for all and the results are given live on the show.

Can The Polygraph Be Tricked?

Yes, the polygraph has been successfully tricked by someone taking it. As the test is more to do with physiological reactions to the test questions it is easier to cheat than you might think. A large antiperspirant deodorant spread over the hands (especially the fingertips) and face the night before and then again the following morning it will be possible to stop the reactions of sweating and with some control and practice of your emotions this test could be tricked. However, beware of the examiner as they are not so easily tricked and have been highly trained in detecting fraudulent people.

Real Life Polygraph Test

Polygraph Test
A desperate man wanted to take a polygraph test because he was being accused of something he had not done. His girlfriend believed he had slept with a woman when he was on his friend’s stag do in Spain. His girlfriend had thrown him out of their flat and he was now sleeping on the floor in his workshop. Another of the girlfriend’s partners had slept with someone and he told his girlfriend that it was our man. This was how the girlfriend found out and why he was on his workshop floor at night. he pleaded with his girlfriend and he pleaded with the so called friend that did sleep with someone to tell his girlfriend the truth. No one would help him and he was feeling really down. He came up with the idea of a polygraph and asked his girlfriend if she would accept the result. She was a huge Jeremy Kyle fan so she agreed. The test was taken in a hotel room and his girlfriend gave some questions that she wanted asked. The man passed the test with flying colours and he is back in his own bed. However, not so the friend that did sleep with someone else as his girlfriend asked the question in the test.


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