Should You Change Your Network?

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Should You Change Your Network?
There comes a point where most mobile phone owners consider moving to a different network. Thanks to the industry developing very quickly there are new deals and tariffs coming out all the time there are many reasons to consider changing your provider. It is a good thing to have so many deals to choose from and it is a customer’s market. If you find a better deal with one provider then your existing network might even offer to match it, so you are in a good negotiating position. What are the benefits of switching networks? Here we discuss the pros and cons of switching networks to get a better phone deal.

Do Your Research

It is a good idea to read a few reviews on the various networks. Some people may be happy with features such as the customer service while others may not and it can help to give a balanced view, although it should be remembered that everyone has a different experience with their mobile phone company.

Shop Around

When your contract is up for renewal, shop around to see what the deals are at the moment. There may be incentives for new customers such as a half price contract for several months or additional free texts and minutes. Handsets are often available free of charge or at a much lower rate than if you were to simply go out and buy it. Research is essential and the internet can tell you more or less everything that you need to know from reviews on the handsets to the details of all the deals that are around.

Who Do You Call?

Before changing your network you should check to see if your friends are on the same network. If you are on different networks you could all end up paying more to make calls to each other as these might not be included in your allowance of free minutes.

Contract Length

Make sure too that you are not in the middle of an existing contract as you could end up paying more to your existing provider if they do allow you to switch. Always opt for a shorter contract length if you believe that you will want to switch at some point. You do not save anything by leaving your contract early as the contract costs will still need to be met.

The Switching Process

The actual process of switching your network is fairly easy. You simply speak to the new network and they will deal with it for you if you want to keep your existing number. If you are not bothered about keeping the number you just cancel your existing contract and start a new one with a new SIM and phone.

Think Carefully

Do not simply change because the provider is offering the latest handset. If that handset has top features such as music player that you will not use and a camera that will only get used once in a blue moon then it might not be the right one for you.

Should Switch Your Network?
If a phone comes with 100 free minutes and 1000 free texts each month this is only a good deal for you if you are going to use them. This is not the best option for someone who rarely sends a text message.

Make sure the deal you get is the deal you need before you switch provider.


Talk to your current network when you find a deal that appeal to you because they might beat it in their eagerness to keep you as a customer.


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