The Blackberry Z10 - The Original Business Phone Revisited

Posted by Bhavesh Joshi On Monday, March 11, 2013 0 comments

The Blackberry Z10 - The Original Business Phone Revisited
The Blackberry Z10 looks good and certainly is a better phone than many in the past. It is a full touch screen phone that looks very much like the iPhone black model. It has the Blackberry name proudly emblazoned on the bottom and a nice Blackberry emblem on the back. It comes with a 4.2 inch HD display with a very decent 8 megapixel camera. In the past, the camera has been a weakness for Blackberry but this camera belies that. The company certainly picked up their game and produced a decent phone.

So how does the phone do compared to other devices in the market and how does the operating system stack up against Windows, Android, and iOS?

The Positives
The phone comes with a superb screen. The 4.2 inches look great, the colors are deep, the contrasts are good, and the viewing angles are superb. Certainly, it is the best screens ever to be on a Blackberry.

The user interface through the Blackberry 10 operating system is very intuitive. It is easy to get around. There are a few gaps that you will find when it comes to navigating and it takes a bit of time to learn the process of getting around. But it looks good, the icons are crisp and attractive, and overall, it’s a good user experience.

The camera is extremely good in good light conditions. It is a massive step forward in terms of quality of camera on a Blackberry phone – a previous negative. The hub system used on the Blackberry operating system also brings the interface alive extremely well. Overall, the journey through the Blackberry phone is good, the feel is premium and ergonomic, and it stacks up very well against the competition; and it is Blackberry.

The Negatives
The phone has a very poor battery life, which is quite a negative when it comes to this phone as it will likely be coveted by business users. There is some bugginess every now and again in the phone operating system, which can be rather annoying.

In poor light conditions the camera doesn’t perform very well compared to rivals in the industry. This is something that will surely have to get sorted out in future releases.

The design is nice, but nothing too extravagant or innovative. They’ve modeled the slab on the iPhone. But then, I guess we couldn’t expect a massive innovation for such a crucial release to the market. They have gone tried and tested, while being innovative and creative on the interface.


The Blackberry Z10 Smartphone
Overall, the phone is a decent phone and a nice platform for the first release of the Blackberry 10 operating system. The operating system does well; there is still progress to be made both on the handset and the operating system, but with both signs are positive that Blackberry are going to move forward. This will be more popular with both consumers and businesses than most previous releases and the full touch screen is great.

The phone comes in at a rather expensive £550, and so it is a very top-end phone, but it is a very good phone too. I would probably wait for more improvement before I shelled out this fortune on a phone that is in essence a work in progress.


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