The HTC Titan - A Phone To Fit Your Lifestyle

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The HTC Titan - A Phone To Fit Your Lifestyle
Taking delivery of a new mobile phone is exciting. The phone arrives and you eagerly open the box so you can charge up the battery and start accessing all of the features. In fact it probably feels like Christmas has come early, but before you get too carried away, it is a good idea to take your time and find out more about your new HTC Titan, because it undoubtedly has a lot more features than you may be aware of.

Tile System

The HTC Titan comes fully kitted out with a Windows 7.5 Mango operating system (although this has recently been upgraded to Windows 7.8). Unlike Android HTC phones, the visual display on the Titan has a series of tiles that allow the user to access different functions. For those who are used to the ubiquitous iPhone or android phones currently freely available everywhere, the Windows tile system is a bit different. But fear not because once you get your head around how it works, it really is pretty easy.

Customise The Home Screen

The beauty of android phones is that you can customise your home screen in a million different ways. Download new screensavers and move your apps around to your heart’s content - there are so many ways to change the look of an android phone that you can look forward to enjoying a whole new screen every day if you feel like it. The tile system on the HTC Titan is a lot more restrictive, but if you want a different look, it is possible to move tiles around and change colour schemes. Sadly you can’t redecorate with some new wallpaper like you can with android phones, but you can shuffle tiles around if you choose.

App Happy

The HTC Titan comes with lots of apps, which you can toggle between. The tiles on the home screen link to different functions, including mail, news and anything else that you feel is important enough to need direct access. The contacts section has been renamed as ‘people’ and when you go into your address book you are given several different contact options. So if you want to get in touch with your best mate, you can call, text, tweet, or Facebook them - the choice is yours.

Find The Right Contract

Amazing The HTC Titan Smartphone
Like any of the more expensive mobile phones out there, you may find that the only way you can afford to invest in one is to pay for it monthly on a contract basis. If you do have the cash up front, you should be able to buy the HTC Titan without a SIM and just insert your existing SIM card. Or you could opt for a HTC Titan on a PAYG basis, but before you take either of the latter two options, consider how much you normally spend on calls, text messaging and data per month, as in many cases it will be cheaper to opt for one of the cheaper contracts on offer. If in doubt, pop along to your nearest phone store and ask for some advice or check online for the latest deals.


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