The Most Desirable Places To Insert Keywords In A Text

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Search Engine Optimization
Mostly Peoples thinks that in order to get perfect web page rankings they need to use as many keywords as possible. Why thinks? Due it is only way through which any search engine could be Google, Bing or yahoo or any other can actually bond your article to the needs of the search engine user. Keywords are also a necessity by many search engines as it makes their works much simpler and if you make their work easier, they reward you with higher rankings and higher traffic. So why is it occurs that even after the use of keywords mostly websites simply fail? The answer is due to keywords placement and it is important and a quality requirement by Google, Bing, Yahoo and many other search engines.

The Titles

It is important for excellent SEO ratings, that you include the keywords in the title. The use of keywords in titles of the content is strictly needed because it shows the search engines that the article does actually revolve around what the search engine is looking for. Now this does not mean that the title should only be the keyword. Instead it should be simple and short, 6-7 words maximum. It is also recommended the other 6-7 words be something related to the keyword. For example: ‘learning how to shave with a Mach3 razor’. Here shave, razor and Mach3 are all related and anyone of them could be the keyword.


Keyword Stuffing
Description tags are used by search engines to give a short summary about the article or site under the result tag of the page. This helps readers see what they are clicking on before they click. Hence if your description tag actually includes the keywords then the engine is bound to understand that it is a related topic. Also if the tags include many other secondary keywords, then even that helps boost rankings and traffic. For example, if you are searching for perfumes then the description tags should include the keyword perfume along with secondary keywords like fragrances, scents, musk etc.

Meta Tag

Meta Tags are hardly displayed to the search engine user; instead they are a tool for the search engines. It helps the engine recognizer the subject of the article and hence it must include at least one or two of the related keywords. This is why Meta tags are filled with key phrases and words that if you read out alone would never make sense.

H1 and H2

SEO Keywords
All articles use headings. It’s part of the SEO concept to use multiple headings and the headings are differentiated by H1 and H2 tags. If these short headings also include the key phrases then the engine is allowed to consider the entire page relevant to the search. The engine not only searches for keywords in the body of the content but everywhere, however if it is already tagged in the H1 or H2 then it can simply consider the page relevant. This also means you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure what part of the body should have loads of keywords.


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