Will My Printer Work With Windows 8?

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Will My Printer Work With Windows 8?
Before Windows 8 was released, there were a lot of publicity surrounding problems with printing. If you already have Windows 8 and are in the market for a new printer, look out for either printed information, or a sticker on the box that will tell you whether or not the printer is compatible. This is the best way to be sure that it will work when you get home. If you already have a printer and are considering upgrading to Windows 8, there are a few things that you may wish to consider first as this article looking at the surrounding issues for installing printers on windows 8.

Use the Upgrade Assistant to Check for Compatibility

The Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant can be run before you go ahead and purchase a copy of Windows 8. This will tell you not only if you are likely to encounter any problems with your printer, but also any other devices you have attached or software installed. As you cannot roll back from Windows 8 without reinstalling Windows, it is important to check that everything you consider essential, such as your printer, will work before you even think about upgrading. Even if you are planning on buying a new computer to use Windows 8 with it is still worthwhile running the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant, as much of the software you use (including your printer drivers) will still be required on your new computer. If the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant doesn’t find any problems with your printer then you should be ready to go. If it does say that there are compatibility issues, there is still a chance that your printer may work with Windows 8, either fully or in a limited capacity, for example some multifunctional devices (printers that also act as a scanner and copier) will still print but may no longer allow you to scan documents. If it offers the option to scan to a memory card or USB device this may not be such a problem, however if it is your only method of scanning, you may consider this a big issue.

Check the Manufacturer’s Website

Is Printer Work With Windows 8?
The manufacturer’s website should have the latest information about the compatibility of your printer. It should tell you whether or not your printer will work with Windows 8, and if it will, give you the option to download the drivers. Some people will prefer to have everything they need ready before they upgrade, whilst others prefer to wait until the upgrade is done before downloading drivers and software. If you are planning on running Windows 8 on a tablet, it is particularly important to check with the manufacture first, as some printers that are not compatible with Windows 8 are not compatible with Windows 8 RT which is the version supplied on many of these devices. TechKoW did an investigation into printers from some of the big brands and found the level of compatibility was surprisingly low, however this article was written when Windows 8 was first released, so the manufacturers will now have newer, fully compatible printers on the market.

Advice Before you Upgrade

The internet is a wonderful resource, and if it does look like your printer may have a problem, or you are unsure about the information provided by either the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant or the manufacturers website, there is a good chance that a search for your printers model number will give you some insight into other people’s experiences. Magazines and review websites are also best way.


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