How to find the perfect phone for your child

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How to find the perfect phone for your child
How old were you when you got your first mobile phone? Probably in your teens at the earliest, but the world has changed drastically since them. Mobiles are no longer seen as a luxury, but a necessity, with 75% of children under the age of 10 owning one.

However, it can still be a big risk to buy your child a mobile phone, particularly if you have bought the phone on a long term contract. If your son or daughter spends all their time on Facebook you could end up with a data bill as long as your arm.

Here are my top tips on getting the perfect for phone your child.


As I’ve just mentioned, if you lock into a contract you open yourself up to the risk of huge monthly bills. Some mobile phone providers will give you the option to cap the usage to whatever is inclusive in the plan, but make sure you contact them before handing the phone over to your kid.

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Another option is to just go for PAYG. This will certainly prevent a £500 landing on your doormat next month, but it has other disadvantages. For example, if your child runs out of credit they won’t be able to contact your in emergencies.

My preferred option for children would be a SIM only 30 day contract. You will get the flexibility of inclusive minutes, texts and data usage, but can cancel the contract at the drop of a hat.


O2, T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone, Giff Gaff… the options can seem endless. It’s usually best to choose the same network as their friends and family as many providers offer free minutes to the same network – reducing the chance of them eating up all their minutes.


Whilst you may primarily use your mobile for calling or texting, it’s likely that your kid will be spending hours on Facebook or Twitter. The vast majority of smartphones now have Wi-Fi connectivity, so make sure your child’s phone is hooked up to the Wi-Fi at home in your families homes to prevent going over data allowances.


Many parents like their child to have a phone so that they can keep in contact with them. However, we all know that kids can forget to phone home, so this is where modern technology will become your friend. By installing a GPS tracker on their mobile, you can see where they are at all times, giving you peace of mind.


find the perfect phone for your child
If you decide to go for a modern smartphone, your child will have access to applications or ‘apps’. I’ve already shown how these can be to your benefit (see GPS), but they can also run up huge bills and see inappropriate content. Ensure that you set up the parental controls and make your child aware of what they are allowed to download.

Samantha Jones is a smartphone enthusiast and technology blogger. As such, she knows the risks and expenses involved in buying new tech. You can keep the cost down by choosing to sell BlackBerry Torch 9810 handsets and other devices.


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