Non-Electric Technology: Some Gadgets for Emergency Situations

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Non-Electric Technology: Some Gadgets for Emergency SituationsThe greatest gadgets of all time, ranging from the alarm clock to your smart phone has since sustained their presence by offering quality and cost-effectiveness over the years.  . Whether it is mechanical or electronic, a gadget is an item that is produced through mass production and one that you can hold with your hand. Read on to find out more about mechanically-controlled gadgets, some of which are used as safety gadgets in times of emergency.       

Duct Tape:

You might not realize that a duct tape is a gadgets tool. Scientists such as those working for NASA have over the years used duct tape to undertake pertinent repairs while on the moon or during their space travel exploration. Institutions such as Brookhaven National Laboratory have used it to fix their particle accelerator on many occasions. Entrepreneurs as well as enthusiasts have made good use of it while making prom dresses including wallets. At first site, duct tape might seem like a simple material, but on the contrary, it is a gadget that can be used for multiple purposes.

Duct Tape


StaplerWith quality built in from ground up, there is no office gadget that has enjoyed an excellent star turn similar to that of a stapler. Behind the quality, this gadget offers remarkable industry-leading performance, standardized subassemblies and fully modular architecture. This gadget realized it smashing breakthrough in the comedy film Office Space. Its role as an emergency gadget was clearly appreciated in the movie’s plot that revolved around the red Swingline. This triggered a great demand for this gadget by fans especially when Swingline took a red stapler to the market. The full range of stapler designs delivers high quality and features simple plug-ins.


Prior to the unveiling of the Roomba floorvac, big manufacturers such as iRobot used to manufacture robots that were capable of clearing land-mines. The robot’s performance was based on an advanced technology called crop cycle algorithm. As the maker of the first land-mine-removing robots, iRobots went on to adapt the same technological concept to conceive what Roomba circle came to be. The gadget could perform mine-sweep operations independently. Consequently, Roomba gadget is the crowning achievement of a design team that boasts of almost a decade of experience in conceiving, producing and delivering non-electrical Roomba gadgets. Suffice to note that within a year since its first launch, Roomba floorvac ranked top-most request gift among American wedding registries.

Quick-Release Ski Binding:

Quick-Release Ski BindingBefore the introduction of Quick Release Ski Binding, the ski hill was but a dreaded and unforgiving place to venture into. With functional innovations that blow away the standard limitations of skiers, this gadget help prevent any catastrophic injuries. Such is the gadget that motivated some skiing enthusiasts such as Hjalmar Hvam to conceive today’s effective safety binding gadgets. The concept was derived from the principle of a release toe iron that led to subsequent development of emergency bindings. This has since altered the perception regarding safety bindings especially in high-risk sports endeavours as well as non-risky leisure expeditions. Thanks to this gadget, the sport realized a spiked boom during the last decade and shows no sign of relenting.

Perhaps you have heard a lot about non-electric gadgets that are used during different emergency situations. Some of the gadgets are derived from functional creativity that leads to the production of something original and useful. Non-electric gadgets which are applied during emergency situations are creations born out of divergent thinking and combining those ideas into the best results.


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