What You Should Know About Essay Format

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What You Should Know About Essay Format
When you are asked to write an essay by your teacher then you should follow a certain format for it to be considered a well written one and also to make any effects on its readers. The topic may be given to you and at times you may be asked to write on a topic of your choice. Whatever the case may be; you still need to follow a format.

The basic format of the Essay consists of 3 parts; introduction, body and the conclusion. The body can be further broken down into as many components as required.


Let’s see what the introduction should contain. It should start by introducing the topic so that the person reading knows what the rest of the essay is all going to be about. For example if you are writing an essay on global warming then you will need to inform the reader this. In the same paragraph, you should also give the reader a brief idea of how the essay is structured. This means what you will say first and then what else will you continue to state etc. in brief. Here you only have to mention the subheadings and not too much about details. Then in this same section you can also state the goal of your essay or what exactly are you trying to prove through it.

The Body

Here you start stating the various points related to the subject. This section is broken into different paragraphs and if required may also have subheadings too. You can envision each paragraph mentioning a separate point. You may have thought of 3 or 4 or even 5 points to write about; break each into a separate paragraph but then do not hesitate to break one sing point also into two paragraphs if the same point is trying to present two aspects of the point being mentioned.

Thus, in the body you will start to explain each point and also give any kind of evidence to support your argument. You may even give quotes in this part of the essay. This section basically will contain everything that you want to write about between introducing the subject and ending with the conclusion.


This section will summarize all the points mentioned above; it will start first with restating the introductory points and then summarizing the body and then ending with the concluding statement. The concluding statement should mention your final opinion on the topic discussed.

About Essay Format
It is very important that your essay be organized. This makes it easy for the reader and makes it interesting too. When the reader sees the essay so well organized; he has more faith in the matter being written about and also in the writer. A well organized essay indicates the clarity of thoughts of the writer too. Moreover, the presentation of the essay is also very neat. A disorganised essay where there is no proper introduction but one that has jumped straight to the point will mean that he writer has not thought about the essay at all before starting to write.

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