HP QTP Unified Functional Testing Software

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HP QTP Unified Functional Testing SoftwareDo you spend hours manually testing your software and have to use several tools to do it? Do you want to save hours of test design work and generally improve the your testing process? Then help is at hand with hp qtp unified functional testing software, commonly known as UFT. Unified functional testing was formerly called qtp and htp qtp is an automated way of testing software.

It is designed to keep up with the ever-changing modern technology and if you test your software early, test it often and continuously the quality of your software will rapidly improve and you will notice the reduction in costs. HP QTP integrates the nhp application lifecycle management.

The benefits of hp qtp are

. It automatically tests several scenarios including GUI and API testing
. It tests the newest technologies with the HP UFT insight object recognition
. It is very easy to convert manual testss to automated tests
. It improves the test management due to the tight integration of the hp business process testing and the hp application lifestyle management.

Once you have mastered the ability to test UI and APIs using just one tool you will find it will save you many hours of test design work. You will also see the improvement in the whole process of software testing and you will be able to build API level and end-to-end tests.

By adopting the hp qtp unified testing software you will have the very best software testing tool around. Modern technology is improving and progressing so rapidly with so many complex systems and shorter release cycles being introduced testing the software as best you can is just not good enough.

Utilising the hp qtp software will rapidly improve your testing abilities and meet all the requirements needed for modern technology. It will greatly raise the standards of your testing practice and give you the most up-to-date tools which you can use for agile cloud, mobile, web and hybrid applications. It will also drastically cut down manual testing and minimise your technology maintenance.

You can have a free trial of the hp qtp before committing yourself to purchasing this single solutions for testing GUI, APIs and multi layer applications.

This website includes all you need to know about hp qtp by giving you access to the following trials and demonstrations

hp software web events: technical talk
hp unified financial testing 11.50cc English SWE-media evaluation
hp qtp essentials 11.0 English evaluation (web GUI testing only)
hp service test 11.50 English SWE - media evaluation
Once you decide to commit yourself to getting the new version of hp UFT you will never look back. You will find it so much easier as it significantly improves your efficiency to test your software as well as extending the scope of your tests. It is also capable of spanning multiple technology platforms.

Hp qtp is now the leading functional testing software tool on the market and it offers a fresh approach to automated testing. Once you have it you will be able to deliver quality products and a first class service as well as improving your income and increase your profits.


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