Staying In Touch With Family And Friends While You Are Abroad

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Staying In Touch With Family And Friends While You Are Abroad
Going abroad is fun and exciting; it means that you will have many opportunities to meet people from all over, as well as having the opportunity to get to know yourself a little better. However, it also means that you are going to be apart from your family members and friends for long stretches of time. How can you stay in touch with them and keep connections open?

Social Media

Even if you are in a remote location, you can often head to a nearby coffee shop or other establishment to pick up an Internet connection for a while. Time zone won’t matter when posting a picture to the Facebook wall of your family members or friends to let them know how you are doing. Updating your statuses on a regular basis will make these important people feel as though they are going on parts of the journey with you, regardless of how far away they actually are.

Good Old-Fashioned Letters

Writing some good old-fashioned letters can help you to stay in touch with loved ones. If you are staying in once place long enough, you can receive them too. In the event that you do not, simply send letters to your loved ones. You can send postcards from the places that you visit, and you can all exchange pictures of the memories you are making on your own. Reading the handwritten words from a loved one and composing your own letter might be emotional enough to move the most even-keeled people to tears.

Shared Experiences

Even though you may be thousands of miles away, you can still have some shared experiences. For example, you can still go to mass on Sundays and know that your family is doing the same. Through having this connection with God, you are also connecting with your family members and friends. For those who are not religious, you could go to a particular tourist attraction while friends and family are looking at pictures of the place online. Another idea is to dine on a certain ethnic cuisine or type of food while your family is doing the same back home.

Video Chatting

While video chatting is never going to be exactly the same as spending time with individuals in person, at least you are able to see one another. When staying in a hotel during your journeys, set up a video chat with your family and friends. You especially want to try to do this if you are away during a holiday. Of course, constantly chatting in this scenario is probably going to be difficult, especially if you do not always have an Internet connection. Therefore, you can save this for special moments.

Sending Mementos

How can you stay in touch with your loved ones and keep connections open while you are traveling abroad?
You want your loved ones back home to get a sense of what you are doing abroad, so send them some little trinkets and gifts from time to time. Having a physical object that you once held can be special for so many people. They will be able to feel as though they explored the tourist attraction or went on part of the adventure with you, and they will always have this symbol of your love and devotion to them.

Being away from the people who you love can be difficult, but it does not have to be impossible. When you employ the aforementioned methods, you are really able to connect with these people back home and continue to strengthen your bonds with them.


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