Temporary Office Solutions

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Temporary Office Solutions
Some small businesses attend trade shows and would like to have their technology equipment handy. There are options available to them. For example, they can utilize temporary technology solutions to fulfill their office needs.

Types of Services to Expect

• Desktop Computer Rentals
You can get a Windows Desktop Computer as well as a Windows All-in-One. You can also get Macs, iMacs, Mac Pros, and Mac Minis.

• Laptop Rentals
There are various laptops available for rent such as Windows, MacBook Pros, and MacBook Airs. If you have any particular configuration in mind, they will also do it for you. There is no limit on the quantity of equipment.

• Server Rentals
If you need servers for storage, files, database, or the web, that is available. There is also a server for emails and your various applications. They will build any server to suit your office needs.

• Tablet Rentals
They provide ipad rentals  in whatever configuration you desire. They will preload your app if you request it. You will have your device ready for use upon delivery.
They have tablets that run on  Android.
They also have  Surface Tablets. This is the only tablet with Windows OS.

• Display Rentals
They rent all types of projectors that are suitable for any event or venue. They range from a long throw to short throw. They also have rear projectors.

• Rental of Monitors
They offer monitor rentals for your office computers. They also have big and small ones for your trade shows.

• Television Rental
They have various types of televisions such as standard, HD, or 4K displays. They offer touchscreen television rental as well as multi-touch collaboration display tablets.

• Office Equipment Rental

1. Copiers
They offer multi-functional standalone, all-in-one, and desktop copier rentals. The desktop copier is suitable for short-term business events.

The copiers come in color or black and white. They will deliver the equipment and set it up for you.

2. Printer Rentals
They offer laser printers, Deskjet, and multi-functional printer rentals. The multi-functional printer is suitable for short-term demands at the office, trade show booths, or for temporary projects.

3. Fax Machines
If you have a big legal case, they have a portable fax machine. They also have machines for your medical office, or if you are conducting international business or any other type of service.

Event Rentals

1. Kiosk Rental
They have kiosks that feature touch screen display along with a secure cabinet. They offer various types of stands such as table mounts, floor stands, wall mounts, and branding options.

2. Sound Systems
They offer a complete sound system along with microphones, speakers, mixers, and stands.

3. Security Cameras
You can get a surveillance camera for your event tradeshow booth.

Wireless Rentals

1. Internet Rentals
If you have an event that lacks WiFi, they will provide the service for you. They have air cards and WiFi hotspots to get you connected to the internet.

2. Smart Phones
They have Android, smartphones, and iPhones. They come equipped with cellular service for events and application testing.

3. Radio Rentals
They have Nextel radios that you can push to talk. They also have two-way radios.

In conclusion, if you are a small business with limited budget, you can rent various temporary office equipment and technological equipment until you get your feet on the ground. The type of services you expect to get range from computer rentals, rentals of a server, and tablet rental. You can get other rentals such as display rentals, monitor rentals, and TV rental. Furthermore, you can rent office equipment, event rentals and wireless internet rentals.


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