Three Sites to Bookmark in your Browser

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Three Sites to Bookmark in your BrowserFree-classic-movies is having a collection of free copyright films dating from as far back as 1897. The Website presented since 2010 and is maintained one on one by Jimbo Berkey, a fan of flicks from the first half of the 20th century. Here you will find films starting actors like Greta Garbo, Humprey Bogart, Famous actor Charls Chaplin, Clark Gable, Mickey Rooney and many more. You can search out site by yearly contents or watch favorites in genres such as silent movies, musical comedies, horror, country western, crime and adventure. Each title created with detailed information and interesting story. So, this one films site should be your bookmark.

Cook and Kushi
The second one should be, If you are looking for some best new dishes for your special occasion or formally then, cookwithkhusi is a great place to start. Khusi S lives in the US and on her site, she is presenting best recipes in which maximum are Indian recipes. Each of her recipes are presented with detailed information and perfect images to understand better. You can search the categories there or checkout the latest recipes at the home page. In the categories, you will get there - appetizers, breakfast, lunch and dinner preparation, noodles, pasta, soups, salads and desserts. You will also get Indo-Chinese and Thai recipes on that site. So, if you are addicted with delicious food or like to eat something special on weekend or special occasion then, search out cookandkhusi. Bookmark it in your browser and subscribe there with your email id for newsletter to get latest updates.     

Herb Wisdom

You might have heard of chamomile tea, it has been used for centuries as a sleep aid, in treatment for fevers, colds, and stomach ailments. Well, for information on all short of herbs, many of which are already available in your kitchen. Herb Wisdom is a website having historical information of more than 200 herbs, their benefits and usage tips. You will get their Latin and common names of each herb. There you can also look for remedies for ailments such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and sore throat. Herb Wisdom is a medical advice related website which should be bookmark in your browser.


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