Features to Look For In Drive Recovery Services

Posted by Bhavesh Joshi On Saturday, January 13, 2018 0 comments
It is important to know what you need when looking for drive recovery services. You’ll agree that data is valuable and hence you need to choose the best service to handle your recovery process when your drive becomes corrupt or loses data. The more sensitive the nature of the data is, and the more critical the information it holds, then the more careful you become when picking the recovery service that will handle your situation.

The customer service

The drive recovery service should place a great value on the quality of customer service. You, as a client, must be kept on the loop in every part of the recovery process. The customer care starts when the customer contacts the recovery either by phone or in person. The client should be well informed of the cost of repairing the server, laptop, or the desktop hard drive. Should the client feel ok to continue with the repair, drive Recovery service will follow with a free quote of the cost. This is done after the drive has been analyzed to assess the cause of the data loss.

Use of quality equipment

When looking for driver recovery services, you ensure you get providers with equipments that are of top quality and that are well maintained. The equipment has to be effective as the hard-drive recovery process is expensive and must be maintained to assure consistent and safe results. In a drive recovery service, the procedure is performed in class 100/ISO five cleanrooms. The room provides a highly efficient filtering system which maintains a contaminant-free atmosphere.

Secure facilities

When looking for drive recovery services, it’s good to know that this process may take days to accomplish. Since data stored on the drive could be sensitive, secure storage of the drive is recommended. This means that the drive and other equipment should be protected in a vault and preferably a strong vault. Access to such vault should be highly monitored and controlled.  Also, the vault construction should assure protection even from the wireless attempt of data hacking and theft. The most important criteria remain high competence of technicians which should stay updated on the latest technologies.

It’s important to ensure that you get reputable and cost-effective drive recovery services. It’s recommended to get a company in advance and not the last minute when you need the recovery service. This way, you are assured to get recovery work immediately hence avoiding further loss or complications of your data. 


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